Friday, 29 August 2014

New Semester

Hi guys, to be honest, I don't blog much cause I'm starting to hate it. I don't know how to describe it. I do love writing. I do love reading other blogs too. Lately, I've been stressing out because of my studies. I do not have fun with my life at all -- I shouldn't be mentioning this.

Everyone that surrounds me always put me down and they're the one who climbing up, successful of being a great students. I'm still stuck in the bottom and keep failing my subjects. I don't feel like studying anymore. The subjects that I do not want to focus at, well guess what? I get B for it. I should be grateful for it. Yeah Alhamdulillah. The thing is, I really looking forward to enter degree programme but because of my repeating subjects, I need to back off until I'm starting feeling not to study anymore.

I'm extremely wanting to study about what I love to. I do want to be designer not businesswoman who maybe taking over her dad's company (I said maybe).

Lately, I'm sitting alone and think again. Becoming designer is so much fun but it's hard because it will be your career and there's a lot of competitor. My dad's friend said once, "you wanna be designer? study about business first. Then you can expand you business of designing"

And there, I was like... Mmkayyy I should try but it turns out failure. I keep failing in my studies. I always blame on my parents. WHYYY?!!?! Because whenever I have upcoming exam, they will be like "let's go to vacation". *putting grumpy face* This is the reason I can't focus in studies.

I hope. This upcoming semester, I don't fail at all. Just need to struggle a bit :'(

Whenever I read this, I hope I can say the same thing in future.