Thursday, 8 May 2014

WEEK 1 - Human Communication

It's been a while that I left this blog. I miss it tho, I miss it so much.
I miss typing whatever that come out from my mind.

Two months I haven't update anything because I was so busy with my second semester. I had no time on doing whatever I used to do, such as drawing and updating blog. Since I was gone, my page-views reached 5,665 . It was amazing even though I'm not like the other bloggers who keep updating their blogs. Whatever it is, right now I'm in the third semester and I'm taking 6 subjects for this semester, which is quite a lot right? Haha.. It's gonna be stressful semester -- I bet.

On 6th of May, we had Human Communication class starting from 12.30 to 14.00 in Annex Building. That was my first time going to that class. I don't really feels comfortable with the desk chair that keep moving around. It is easy to move but hard to stay. My classmates was too amaze with that inventions, they keep playing around in class. I don't get it why.

In that lecture class, my lecturer, Anwari bin Ariffin (who also the same lecturer for my Positive Psychology class) were giving us some briefing about this subject and the overview of teaching planning and also the internal marks. He recommended us a book title Human Communication, The Basic Course. Thankfully I already bought it on previous semester. Addition, in his lectures, he did said that we need to do video presentation, which it sounds exciting yet it would be difficult at the same time. Other than that, he also mention that we need to do blogs and it carries 10% for internal marks. I'm still confuse of doing blog. I asked my friends who took this subject in the previous semester but they told me that they need to do it in a group but Sir Anwari told us that each of everyone need to have our own blog account. Well I already have one so I just continue the blog updates.

This is how my class looks like. It's quite messy tho, this is why I don't really like this chair. Well at this time, my lecturer were telling us to divide into group of 5. It was so hard cause I don't really know some of my classmates but Alhamdulillah, I finally got a group. Whooots!!! Haha..

I think that's all for now. Thanks for reading :)

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