Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Assalamualaikum to all readers.
Today we gonna start with the new topic, which is the self.

Today's lesson gonna be interesting. How many of us have pondered about who we really are?

Who am i? 
What do I see in me when I look at the mirror?
Who is that girl that staring back at me?
Why am I here?
Do I have purpose in life?

Many of us have a certain idea of who we think we are be it tall, short, beautiful, chubby, skinny, confident, athletic, etc. Simply put, our self concept is the image of who we are.

1. Social Comparison.
Everyone has done this at some point in their life. How often do we look at someone else and admire their sense of style for instance. Makes us go "Why do they look so beautiful? Where do they find the time, energy and inspiration to look that good??" But the real question is, "Why do I look like I just woke up... every minute of the day?!"

So what do we do?
We conform to society and what they perceive is right. In other words, we emulate what we see and pick up similar sense of style. Other than that, we try to be as confident as we can to look good like what we seen in others.
2. Other's Images of You
We often compare ourselves to those around us. Especially our own friends. For example when our examination results released, for sure we will ask them what do they get. But not all people will ask and compare their results.

3. Self Interpretations and Evaluations
This is when we evaluate ourselves for what we believe in. Our stand to our moral standards, beliefs and principles in life plays a huge part in moulding a person. That's what makes us all different! For example when we think lying is okay but at the same time it's not. Some people don't tell all their secrets because they doesn't want to show their weaknesses and also to protect themselves.

4. Cultural Teachings
How we have been brought up plays a huge part when it comes to shaping someone. Society, but more specifically our culture itself teaches us from an early age what is right and wrong.

Besides the above, we also learned about Self-awareness, Self-esteem, and Self-disclosure.

A few minutes before class ends, our lecturer assign us to find one partner and tell the whole class what we think about him or her. I can't believe Leena called my name and Deavige. It's my fault too for make an eye contact with her.

Andddd wa laaaaa~ This is the picture of me and Deavige presenting what a good and bad things about each others. 

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