Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Assalamualaikum to all readers.
Today we gonna start with the new topic, which is the self.

Today's lesson gonna be interesting. How many of us have pondered about who we really are?

Who am i? 
What do I see in me when I look at the mirror?
Who is that girl that staring back at me?
Why am I here?
Do I have purpose in life?

Many of us have a certain idea of who we think we are be it tall, short, beautiful, chubby, skinny, confident, athletic, etc. Simply put, our self concept is the image of who we are.

1. Social Comparison.
Everyone has done this at some point in their life. How often do we look at someone else and admire their sense of style for instance. Makes us go "Why do they look so beautiful? Where do they find the time, energy and inspiration to look that good??" But the real question is, "Why do I look like I just woke up... every minute of the day?!"

So what do we do?
We conform to society and what they perceive is right. In other words, we emulate what we see and pick up similar sense of style. Other than that, we try to be as confident as we can to look good like what we seen in others.
2. Other's Images of You
We often compare ourselves to those around us. Especially our own friends. For example when our examination results released, for sure we will ask them what do they get. But not all people will ask and compare their results.

3. Self Interpretations and Evaluations
This is when we evaluate ourselves for what we believe in. Our stand to our moral standards, beliefs and principles in life plays a huge part in moulding a person. That's what makes us all different! For example when we think lying is okay but at the same time it's not. Some people don't tell all their secrets because they doesn't want to show their weaknesses and also to protect themselves.

4. Cultural Teachings
How we have been brought up plays a huge part when it comes to shaping someone. Society, but more specifically our culture itself teaches us from an early age what is right and wrong.

Besides the above, we also learned about Self-awareness, Self-esteem, and Self-disclosure.

A few minutes before class ends, our lecturer assign us to find one partner and tell the whole class what we think about him or her. I can't believe Leena called my name and Deavige. It's my fault too for make an eye contact with her.

Andddd wa laaaaa~ This is the picture of me and Deavige presenting what a good and bad things about each others. 

Friday, 23 May 2014

Listen Listen Listen


Please sit quietly and listen when the word starts to speak.

Sir Anwari, our Human Communication & Positive Psychology's lecturer, starts the class by asking the whole class
& the answer would be :

  • Analyze Impressions - Our perception is based on our psychological and emotional state at that time
  • Check Perceptions - Seek confirmation --> Ask questions to see if your assumptions are correct 
  • Reduce Uncertainty by observing, asking others and interact with the individual
  • Increase Cultural Sensitivity - Kinda like the do's and dont's of certain cultures
Next, we learn about Critical Perception which is divided into two :
  1. General Strategies
  • Passive Strategies
  • Active Strategies
  • Interactive Strategies
         2.  Specific Strategies
    •  Look for variety of cues
    •  Formulate hypothesis
    •  Delay conclusions - NEVER JUDGE SOMEONE WHEN YOU'VE JUST MET FOR THE FIRST TIME!(but still, people do the same thing)
    • Avoid mind reading - DO NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS
    Actually, this is the leftover of chapter 2. So yea, let's go into CHAPTER 3 which is LISTENING.

    First thing before we starts to learn deeply about Listening. There are questions for you...


     Listening is receiving and understanding to spoken or nonverbal message whereby hearing is when you open your ear and the information goes into your right ear and out to your left. 

    The benefits of listening are :
    •  Learning - Can help us gain more knowledge
    •  Relating - Others will like you more when they began to see your genuine concern for them. Thus, gain                        social acceptance.
    •  Influencing - Can help change people in terms of behaviours and attitudes
    •  Playing - Listening can be is enjoyable as we can share pleasurable thoughts and feelings
    •  Helping - Can help people's problem through listening

    In listening, you will received both verbal and non-verbal message
    To improve reception :
    • Focus attention - Focus on what the speaker is trying to say verbally and non verbally
    • Look for feedback - Reveals how the speaker wants the audience to view his or her message
    • Avoid distractions - Do not think of anything else other than the contents of the speaker's message
    • Maintain role as listener - Wait for the speaker to finish to ask questions
    Learn what the speaker means
    To improve understanding :
    • Relate new information with what you know
    • See the speaker's messages - Do not judge the message when you dont understand it
    • Ask question to clarify or to confirm your understanding
    • Paraphrase the message in your own words. (Kinda like summarizing the message)
    • Remembering
     Remember : What you remember of a message is not an exact recording of what you hear.
    To improve your message memory :
    • Identifying the central ideas
    • Summarizing the message - Be careful not to ignore crucial details or qualifications
    • Repeating names and key concepts to yourself or trust ones
    • Asking questions whenever in doubt
     Judging messages in some way
     To evaluate properly :
    • Resist evaluation untill you fully understand the message
    • Assume that the speaker is a person of a good will
    • Distinguishing facts from inferences, opinions and personal interpretations by the speaker
    • Identify any biases, self interests or prejudices

          a) While the speaker is talking - Response should be supportive and acknowledge that you are listening with backchanelling cues ( " I see" , "Yes", "Uh-hum" )
          b) After the speaker has stopped talking - Empathy ("I know how you feel, bro")

     For effective responding:
      • Be supportive by using backchanelling cues 
      • Express support to the speaker in final response
      • Be honest - The speaker deserve your honesty even if it is a negative review 
    So how can we listen effectively? Listen is hard especially when you're in History class. So here's the answer... "Listening is situational, the type of listening vary with the situation and each situation will call for somewhat different combination of listening styles"
    • This is the style of listening:
    •   Empathic and Objective listening
    •    Nonjudgemental and Critical Listening
    •    Surface and Depth Listening
    • Active and Inactive Listening


    Friday, 16 May 2014



    A few lessons ago, we have learned Chapter 2 in Positive Psychology. My lecturer, Sir Anwari has taught us about Perception.

    What is PERCEPTION?

    Well, the definition of perception is continuous process of life. Meaning that none one person can have the same perception but even if they do, some things may differ. I always used to class myself as someone who was ‘realistic’ but after contemplating this further I realised that the term ‘realistic’ means something very different entirely. It is also the impression that others give you and what project to others. Impression is some kind of feeling, sense towards a person or something. For an example, a person saw a snake, they will scream and run.

    There are 5 stages of separate perception:
    1. Stimulation. [You sense, you pick up some kind of stimulation].
    2. Organization. [You organise the stimuli in some way].
    3. Interpretation Evaluation. [You interpret & evaluate what you perceive].
    4. Memory. [You store your perception in memory].
    5. Recall. [You retrieve it when needed].

    1Sensory Stimulation occurs:

    There are 3 stages for sensory stimulation to occur. First of all, our sensory organs are stimulated. As we learned in primary – and some in high school, there are 5 types of sensory organs, which is:

    From these 5 senses, we can hear a recoding, smell perfumes, taste a slice of pizza and also meet someone that we have not seen for years. Therefore, you can perceived something meaningful and not perceiving what is not meaningful by apply in selective perception; there are selective attention and also selective exposure.

    Let’s me summaries for the two types of selective perception J

    Selective Attention
    -   Attend to those things that you anticipate will fulfill your needs or will prove enjoyable. For an example, you participated a charity run to fulfill your goals and achieved to get a first place.

    Selective exposure

    - Tend to exposure yourself to information that will confirm your existing beliefs that will contribute to your goals or objectives. In other words, it will satisfy us more.

    Moving on, Sir Anwari also provided us sme examples for a better understanding regarding the concept of perception. I’ll put some pictures like what he showed to us. From these pictures, what can you see? How many pictures in one picture? Based on researchers, it says that only some people who can see some of the pictures and some can see all of it.


     These are the things we learned in the previous Human Communication class. We gained some knowledge throughout the lecture class. 

    Thursday, 8 May 2014

    WEEK 1 - Human Communication

    It's been a while that I left this blog. I miss it tho, I miss it so much.
    I miss typing whatever that come out from my mind.

    Two months I haven't update anything because I was so busy with my second semester. I had no time on doing whatever I used to do, such as drawing and updating blog. Since I was gone, my page-views reached 5,665 . It was amazing even though I'm not like the other bloggers who keep updating their blogs. Whatever it is, right now I'm in the third semester and I'm taking 6 subjects for this semester, which is quite a lot right? Haha.. It's gonna be stressful semester -- I bet.

    On 6th of May, we had Human Communication class starting from 12.30 to 14.00 in Annex Building. That was my first time going to that class. I don't really feels comfortable with the desk chair that keep moving around. It is easy to move but hard to stay. My classmates was too amaze with that inventions, they keep playing around in class. I don't get it why.

    In that lecture class, my lecturer, Anwari bin Ariffin (who also the same lecturer for my Positive Psychology class) were giving us some briefing about this subject and the overview of teaching planning and also the internal marks. He recommended us a book title Human Communication, The Basic Course. Thankfully I already bought it on previous semester. Addition, in his lectures, he did said that we need to do video presentation, which it sounds exciting yet it would be difficult at the same time. Other than that, he also mention that we need to do blogs and it carries 10% for internal marks. I'm still confuse of doing blog. I asked my friends who took this subject in the previous semester but they told me that they need to do it in a group but Sir Anwari told us that each of everyone need to have our own blog account. Well I already have one so I just continue the blog updates.

    This is how my class looks like. It's quite messy tho, this is why I don't really like this chair. Well at this time, my lecturer were telling us to divide into group of 5. It was so hard cause I don't really know some of my classmates but Alhamdulillah, I finally got a group. Whooots!!! Haha..

    I think that's all for now. Thanks for reading :)
    I have been busy lately because I need to rush to the hospital and do a lots of things. I even can finish my post in one day. I keep delaying it until today, which is Friday. I hope my brother is going to recover soon. The picture below is his picture, sitting on the bed with a peace sign on his finger. Hahaha and also a rose on the table? WHY THERE'S A FLOWER? WHO GAVE IT? Actually, it was from the nurses in this hospital. They distributes to all the mothers in this hospital for the Mother's Day. They gave shirts and cupcakes too. It was sweet of them :)

    I think that's all for now. Thanks for reading :)
    Do pray for my brother.