Friday, 27 December 2013

HELLOOOOO. It's been a while I haven't update anything. I was looking at my past post and I saw that some of the comments been deleted by "someone" that I used to know. Haha, don't say that you still read my blog? That's cool. At least you don't forget me, I hope.

Anyways, I'm quite tired and damn starving. I just had my dinner and I'm hungry back, what is this?!?! haha. Actually I just got back from hanging out with some my crazy friends. It's quite late and I know... I'm 18 and my curfew before 2 am. I know some teenagers doesn't even have curfews -- how lucky they are but TRULY DANGEROUS.

Whatever it is, after I finished my last paper on 16th dec, I went to an entrepreneur's camp. YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR CAMP BY PUNB. yeah it was awesome and scary. The first day I was damn tired and I've surrounded by strangers. At first I don't feel like to talk to anyone, but after a few minutes, I do talk because I was bored of being in silent. I met Sarah, Anis, Hidayah and Farhanim. They were the most awesome friends that I have met even though we're in different age. Most important, I'm the eldest. heh heh heh...

It was 3 days 2 nights camp at Hulu Langat. A very very near place to mine. It was the most experience camp everrrrr. The best part is the last night, we gathered and play some indoor games. It was fun even some of them I don't know... To be honest, there's only one guy that I don't know his name or who is he and unexpectedly he's my current boyfriend. For me I took months to accept someone but he proposed to me face to face and I accept his proposal. Haha it's kind of embarrassing cause other people can hear us but it was the best thing that happen to me because he was the first one who asked me not thru social media. Asking someone to become your girlfriend thru phone is not that romantic or sweet or whatever you guys call it.

And we went out again just now. I never been like this before because after one date, tomorrow will be different. That guy will asking to let me go or just ignore me. OR I'm the one who are lazy to go out again with him and give a lot of accuses. I think I should go to bed right now :p nights