Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Charity Event @ UCSI 2013

Hey there, it's been a long time I didn't update anything, wanna know why? Since the class starts, I've been busy with my assignments, quizzes, presentations and mid-term exam. I had a lot of fun and been stressed at the same time. As we grew older, as we met new peoples in life, there are so much of attitudes and different personalities. Some of them are okay and some are not. I do not want to judge since I only know them like only 2 months, but it's freaks me out when there are personalities that I never seen before.

I do love my friends, from kindergarten (if I remember who is it) til University Life. They are waaaaaay too awesome. My high school's friends, mostly that I know are the craziest peoples and fun to talk too but when it comes to University Life, the more people I know, the fun it will be. I can't even remember how much people I know, but my friends are like more than 50? HAAHAHHAHAHAH! When I'm alone, I just say hi to the nearest person, especially girls, so at that moment the amount of the people I know getting increasing. HAHA.

Okayyy, let's talk about Charity Night. Well last Tuesday, 29th October 2013, I was joining and helping my friend performing for the event. So we were performing indian dance and flashmob.
I swear I'm gonna miss all the funnnnnn that we had <3