Sunday, 1 September 2013


Thank god August ended already. It's not that I hate August. August went great, somehow. August is when my parents were born and also their anniversary, well congraaaaattttssss for your 20 anniversary of being together.

Okay let's move on. As we all know, every month that come, we usually says "Bye bye August, Welcome September". Something like that... haaa... Or "please be nice september". Baby... if you make your month become great, it will be the awesomest month ever. Too bad, I was trying to make it great but other people ruined it but I'm still not saying last month were boring or worst month ever.

I went to orientation at UCSI Kuala Lumpur on 28th and 29th August.
On the first day, I asked my mum to accompany me to the registration centre, place, wtv. As a pre-adult or should I say still a teenager, we usually ashamed or embarrassed to bring our parents to come along because we scared to be teased or whatever. Well, I don't care, I'm still bring my mum and guess what, my new friends were like "Damn Merlina, I'm so jealous of you, my parents doesn't even have time to send me here". My university friends called me Merlina because I asked them too. I'm pity for that name, my parents give it to me and no one using it, except some. So I decided to asked them call me Merlina. Somehow, I feel that name were so girlish, since my attitude weren't 100% or maybe 50% like a real girl. huh!

On my way to the hall, my mum decided to go home and  I'm totally surrounded by strangers. Luckily, Natasha was there, but she was at counter 7 at registration centre. And it was kinda far from the hall. So the hall were located at 4th floor and I followed this chinese girls. I feel like an idiot, to follow them and sit with them. Unfortunately, they were LALAS. I'm not sure if I spelled it correctly. I need to wait for half an hour before the ceremony starts, it was boring because this chinese girls were ignoring me. So I decided wisely to search another place, where at that time I met Angely and Su Ann (omg I'm so sorry if I spelled it wrongly). Addition, Azizi and few guys from another country. Angely and Su Ann are the same nationality as I am and Azizi is from Indonesia. To be honest, I'm kind of jealous of Azizi because of her fairness and gahhhhh I want that skin. 

We had so much activities and one of it were categorize ourself. At first, the MC asked us to categorize us by gender, we were so lucky because three of us were the same gender until the MC asked again to categorize by who wearing specs and who don't. Su Ann were the only one who wears spec and she was like "waaaa, see you guys later, then"  . A minute later, we need to categorize by shirts color. Angely and I need to be seperated and find another partner. I found one, a chinese girl who wore blue shirt as I am and a few secs later, we found another one, too bad that girl doesn't want to be in our group and she waving at us. My partner said, "it's okayyy :(" It was okay until we need to find who has the same birth month with us. I was damn confused and trying to find APRIL group and that is when I met Bonny, Danial, Karleigh and few peoples which I don't remember their names.

After that, we had another activity, and I decided to go another group because that group got a lots of people. Guess what? I found a new more friends, there were Veronica who is my coursemate, she's from kazakhstan but she looks like korean, then Athika (I still can't remember her name were Athika or Athira, and I'm so sorry if I spelled it wrongly), Charlene, and many more.

The day when great and the next day were AWESOME. The next day we were playing lots of games and stuff. It was tiring yet we did have some funs :D