Monday, 22 July 2013

What's your habits?

Hello everyone, I'm here to talk about habits. Well everyone does have their own habits, either good or bad. For example, like one of my cousins, she loves biting her nails and it's a bad habit to do in public cause some people find it disgusting.

Anyways, I think that I've got a lot of habits. One of it is whenever I drink, especially using a cup, my pinky finger will not holding the cup or in another word, it point out. I don't know and I never realize it until one of my friends asking me why. From that day, I'm trying not to do it but sometimes I did it too. So yeah..

Other than that, sleeping. Whenever I went to bed, I always bring a jacket to cover my eyes even my bedroom is totally dark. Fyi, I can't sleep with the lights on except when I'm exhausted and tak sedar apa-apa pun. I really hate when I'm too tired and someone keep waking me up and it make me crossed and cry at the same time. I do not cry like a normal people, aku menangis yang bebel and macam orang tak betul.
It's not a good thing :3

Whenever I'm bored, I don't watch tv. I try to say hi to anyone in my contact as much as I can and talk to them for a few minutes and ignore them because they can't bring the conversation longer. I'm a game addict. I play any kind of games as in video games of course. There this one night my family and I came to my one of my neighbours house, diorang buat kenduri and jiran lagi satu ni suruh aku pergi rumah dia sebab my friends mostly kat sana lepak. So I went lah. Adik kawan aku pun suruh aku duduk sebelah dia, okaylah dah duduk. Suddenly he asked me to play counter strike, ok, mainlah. Hm sampai midnight pun takbalik main game dengan dia -.- Orang kata tak elok duduk rumah orang lama-lama, but my mum tolong kemas2 so aku lepaklah lagipun jiran lagi satu ni pun after midnight ada je budak2 laki lepak. They also never mind of me. Dulu case yang sama, but at the school, my friend lend me his mac, time tu dia baru lepas main game halo. I played and asdfghjk@#$%^&*( IT WAS AWEEEEESOMMMEEEEE. Kalau boleh, aku nak bawak lari mac dia. hahaha. Sekolah habis at 3.30 and I think he lend me at 4 camtu and I played until 5 something. crazycrazycrazy but awesome :p

Itu hak orang takpe ada limit masa. If I played my own game, dari malam ni until malam esok pun boleh tahan mata.. It's not a good habit isn't it? I used to date a guy who is really game addict, his addiction are worst than mine. Dia merajuk, tak bertegur dengan kawan dia sebulan lebih sebab dia kalah -.- funnyfunnyfunny. hahaha sebaik dia tak pernah main game dengan aku, tak pasal2 reason break up sebab kalah hahaha.

that's it for now
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