Monday, 15 July 2013


Assalamualaikum :)

Base with the title, what's bout with the fighting?
Well, that's what happened just now, in the office.
I'm not saying that aku nak memburuk-burukkan orang, but somehow I don't really like rude people.
I only rude to someone who rude towards me.
But bukannya aku yang bertekak tadi.
It's about the manager and the salesman.

My dad still doesn't realize about the manager truly colors. Usually workers or employees pretend to be good in front of their boss, like seriously who doesn't?
The salesman cuak sebab he didn't find the car that he's selling, so he asked where is the car.
Agak kelam and mengelabahlah jugak.
Siapa tak mengelabah kalau sesuatu barang tu hilang? Lagi2 if that his/her favorite stuff or orang lain punya.
Lain lah if orang tu tak caring, so s/he won't even give a damn.
At the end, they found the car jugak. Alhamdulillah.

Suddenly the manager came in dan mulalah diorang bertekak.
Dia kata itu bukan tanggungjawab dia and dia nak kena fikir about the workshop car and now nak kena fikir and jaga kereta yang nak kena jual. He said again, "masalahnya sekarang, kereta tu under siapa?"
Well sememangnya under the salesman but the way he said so rude.
The salesman minta tolong sahaja.
I don't want to write more the dialogues. It doesn't matter somehow -- to me.

Whatever it is, manager tu memang ada case.
With my friend and the company. He come and go.
He works for my dad dah lama sangat, since I was really2 young.
I think I was a toddler that time.
He quits the job when my dad had a hard time on economics and he applied to some other workshop in Kuala Lumpur. He even asked the other mechanics including my own cousin to join him.
I don't think they work there for a month or maybe a month more, (I don't remember) then the company sell to other people and fired some of the employees including them.
I think he beg at my dad to get the job back, and now he's the manager.

My mom were very crossed when she knew.
Is like he can do whatever he wants like he is the boss
I don't really like the way he looks at me. Dia pandang semacam, seolah-olah aku ni bukan kerja kat sana or aku ni macam tak layak nak kerja sana. Kadang-kadang, he suddenly speaks in english with american accent which is so weird. He even combined it with british.
Taktahu apa motif dia.

Whatever it is, lantaklah.
It's people's problem and it's not about me
So yeah :3
k then, chiao~

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