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Assalamualaikum :)

It's been a while I'm away. For your information, last two weeks were school holidays. Since I'm working this year, I didn't get any holidays. It's sad though but thank god that some of my cousins still studying and they had the holidays. Conclusion, I get a week off because my dad brought us to go vacation. So before we went to some places, my family and I went back to my mom's hometown in Banting, Selangor. We had a great time together and I was there for 3 days. The second day was the best. On that evening, we went to the beach. It's called Kelanang, which nears to Morib's beach. My cousin's dad work as a fisherman and he had a hut at the beach. It was awesome, we used to sleep there, having a barbecue, hanging out or swimming? haha, yeah.

Recently, there's some stray dogs come over to my uncle's hut. As a muslim, we can't adopt or pet a dog but technically, we don't pet them. I think the last time I saw this dogs were like 6 of it but it's only left one right now and it's a female dog. A bitch. HAHAHA -.-
Plus, it's called Hitam because she's in black.

Worst thing ever, she's having puppies right now. 6 of it and I say wow.
Apart from that, there also load of cats living there. Cute ones, for sure. This photo above is one of the cats who's my uncle petting.

The next day, which is the third day or the last day, we went to my dad's friends' son's weddings. So much of apostrophe..

The right box were mine and the left was Mikael's
Since, Mikael loves marshmallow so much, Pka took loads of it.
The strawberries were huge. I don't know where they get them.
btw, I don't really like strawberries, so I don't care much actually :p
I just wanna make some dramas, lol
I rather eat raspberry or grapes or green apples. That's my favorite fruits<3

mama mia, delicioso

Back to the story, after we went to the wedding ceremony, my family and I supposed to go to Malacca but they changed the plan and we went to Terengganu instead. 

From KL to Terengganu take ages to reach. I don't know how Farhan can go home from here for a night. This is insanely out of mind. We went to Kuantan because my dad was tired of driving and we overnight there. The picture above showing how tired we are of sitting in the car and it was morning and Mikael is still in his pyjamas because he get mad and doesn't want to bath. What a attitude. 

What important is we had so much fun. We went to Perhentian Island but there's nothing fun there actually. I get tanned, geez. I hate when my skin getting darker, I look horrible with it. Anyways, the view were superb.

I love the view but I'm not satisfied with the chalet/resort. It's beautiful from the outside but a nightmare in the inside. Worst case ever.
Whatever it is, on our way to this island, we need to go by the boat. A small boat and the ocean's waves are scary and we're terrified by it. It's was an adventure to us, our boat keep smashing the sea surface and it made our body ache. Pka is the one who scream the loudest and laugh the most. When the big waves are coming toward us, she grab my thigh. It was painful and our clothes are outrageously wet. No wonder before we get in the boat, I saw a lots of people are drenched by the sea water. I was thinking, where did they swim? It's a jetty and I didn't saw anyone swimming -.- And the answer were given to us. 

See how wet she is and she's wearing my only jacket. It was freezing and we went swimming after that. Since we are wet. hah. Thank god the island is bloody hot so it can warm us up but when we're getting in the sea, it's getting cold back.

This vacation are the awesome than before, I hope other people enjoyed their vacations too.
Well that's it for now :")

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