Thursday, 27 June 2013

my supposed life

Assalamualaikum and hi. Lately I've been thinking about my past. About what my mum and I were planned when I'm growing up -- what to do, where to go. Something like that. Since I was kindergarten, or before, my ambition is to be astronomy or astronaut. Anything that related of space stuff. I don't know why, but as a normal kid, especially girls (since Imma girl) well they were supposed to get dolls, dresses or toys for their birthday but I don't. Celebrating with a cake is a normal thing to do when you're celebrating birthday but I got a lots of encyclopedia books. I get excited to see all the pictures since I don't know how to read so well. Fyi, I'm still excited to read any kind of books that related with space. I still keep it though.

As I grew older, I took exams of UNSW. It's hard and I keep failing for some exams. But one day, there were someone called my mom from UNSW, he said that I can't answer the easy questions but I can on the hard ones. This is stupid. I think he is lying, or maybe not. Well nobody knows. When I'm 12, I was supposed to move to Australia when I'm 13. Sometime, I imagine, what if all of this becoming true and how is my life now. Good or bad? And who am I gonna meet with, be with. HAHAHA.

But it's okay. Humans plan but God is the one who make it become reality. It's okay if I don't go overseas but I will, one day :)

After all, my life isn't bad at all. I started to like art and I started to draw when I was kindergarten but I don't like coloring and that's what my mum and my teachers told me. Coloring for me is tiring even it make the drawing looks more beautiful than just a sketch. I do love drawing, until now. Thanks to Puan Najah and Mr Iqbal who taught me in Arts. Oh not too forget my sexy art teacher from Sri Inai. I forgot her name but I know she's kind of popular, that was she said. She told me that she has a big company and she drew a lot. She is sexy and most of the guys in my old school dreaming to make *** with her. I don't even know why. UH GUYS...

I learn how to ice skate when I was kindergarten, or before (I don't remember) and stopped at the age of 8. Cause the place that I always go with my dad is closed and the only place I know that have ice rink is in Sunway which is freaking far from my house. And I learn how to skateboarding when I was 10 and stop at the age of 12 because my mum scared that I will fall hardly like I did when I was playing my bmx. That accident was the worst I ever had. I was bleeding and I still have the scar on my elbow. I almost get hit by a car cause I do love playing bmx at the parking lot. Especially at my friend's house. I don't know why, it's just so nice. She used to teach me how to rollerblade and I swear rollerblade is the hardest thing to learn for me. I keep falling down and it hurts so bad but not bad as I fall when I'm cycling bmx. OMG I still can't forget that moment and I think I keep repeating that... haih

I love to do this kind of things but my mum is the border of every ways or every things that I've dreaming of what to do. I want to learn surfing one day, to start back skateboarding and do any kind of extreme things. I experienced doing flying fox. I never jump off from a highest place before and I did, it scary of course it is but after that I wish I can do it again and

I do wanna try sky or sea diving. It looks fun and scary and fun and scarrryyyy too.
I wanna try everything before I die because of yolo


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