Thursday, 20 June 2013

my life is doom

hi. i've been stressful lately, thinking about future isn't an easy thing to do. planning is easy but to make the plans become reality, well that's the hardest thing to do. this month is ending soon and im still working for my dad which i supposed to continue my studies like the rest of my mates. i have a problem. money problem. money is hard to come but easy to go. here's my friends who doesnt understand my situation. sometimes i just think, im not rich yet im not poor. but everything nowadays need money. money money money. how can i find that? by working the answer but that wont make me have a 18k for a month like some of my friends who are bloody rich people. do think about others situation. do think of mine.

im not here to talk shits about you but hey come on, we're friends for ages and i dont want our friendship ended because of small matters. i wanted to go there too and we should be in the same class or maybe in same university. too bad im not lucky like you. i know you're blaming on me cause i said i might go there with you. might isnt a comfirmation. it's just maybe. i dont like promising and i dont promise even when someone said do u love me? will u promise that u wont leave me? dear dear, i try not too but i dont like promising.

right now, i try to call other universities to ask about their fees. every time i keep calling, i think the fees are keep rising. this is piece of crap. i try to asked both of my closest friends about the fees. it's good because the fees is much more cheaper than taylors. taylors lakeside is expensive and the place kinda nice. but i try to search other universities. i dont search for how good are the campus but i just wanna go and study there. i dont care much about their ratings. i really hope my friends understand about my situation and do stop blaming me. im sorry


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