Monday, 17 June 2013

Hello and good morning peeps.
It's still morning even though it's only an hour left for afternoon.

Last night was the best night in this month. Haha, I slept early cause I'm tired but I didn't tell him that I was planning to sleep early since the coverage is being a b. Slow as a snail or maybe slower than that. Actually I really2 need to sleep early cause there's something in me, I don't know how to explain but I need to make a check up with the doc about me. The problem is I don't know when.

Back to the story, well I was put on my musics in my playist before I went to bed. I put it loudly and suddenly there's a bangarang song coming right up. I was listening to it and suddenly it stopped. I was awake after that happen, I checked the phone and I saw someone called me so many times. So I call him back even though I don't check who is it until he pick up the phone. Then I knew who was it, it was from him. I just can't stand to hear his voice. It just too sexy for me. Oh my god, what am I saying? HAHAHAHA what if my mom read this. Hm I don't think so.

We on the phone for a while and continue it after he went out. I think I didn't slept for a night or maybe for a while and after that, I don't. I stay awake just to talk to him until my parents woke up because it's already morning. Wow. I went down for a while and I didn't tell him where I'm actually heading to. I was shy, I don't know why. Oh god, just stop it. hahaha so I went back to my room and wanted to call him back. Then, a catastrophe happen. My sim card is broke. My phone doesn't have any coverage at all and it's all in sos mode. How amazing it could be and that moment I regret for hung up the calls but I need to. I try to reboot my phones but it's the same. So I called him using my mum's number, I told him everything and I said I'm sorry. I was supposed to get ready for work but I went back to bed, sleeping until the sun rises.

I'm such a good employee.. NOT!

The good things, I got a new sim card and all my friends were like keep whatsapping, bbming, wechatting, texting me. I don't know why but if I'm totally free, no one gonna bother me except him  -.-

okay then
that's it for now

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