Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Best day and night ever

HI. 25 June 2013 was the awesomest day ever. I went out with my friends and I met Mr X. Ulala~ Hahaha! My friend, Jha, was about to bring two of her brothers to come along with us but she said they won't fit in the car because we were heading to picking Jha's boyfriend and Iskandar -- my idiotic best friend. So the conclusion, there was only four of us in the car. I swear to god, I was being so silent in the car cause I don't know who I wanna talk to because for sure Jha going to talk with her lovely boyfriend.

This part is kinda funny actually. We were stucked in the traffic jam and suddenly there was an old chinese guy waving at me. I was like....don't look at him don't look at him... I don't know what he's up to until he wanted to do that to me. It's kinda scary when I think it back. After we already picked up Iskandar from his uni, we were heading to Sunway. He can't stop bullying me in the car. Until today I still have this blue-black on my arm.

When we already arrived at Sunway, we quickly go to the cinema and booked tickets. Sadly, Jha and her boyfriend doesn't want to come along. It scares me because I'm the only girl who watching with them. I went  to Carl's Jr. with Iskandar because I'm starving and I keep moaning while we were queuing. We actually running out of time, and I don't know why I don't feel to eat at all. So Iskandar told me that, keep it and eat it later. Suddenly, Farhan told me that he already at the cinema with his friend (I don't remember what his name but he looks like one of my neighbours). That really making me nervous to go upstairs again. On our way to the cinema, Iskandar asked me and he pointed to a guy who wore the same color shirt like Farhan but I don't think that was him. And yeah that wasn't him. Weirdly, that guy were looking at me like I was the one who supposed to meet him and he smiled excitedly. So I just walked past him quickly. It was the scariest thing ever happen to me HAHAHA! Then Iskandar saw he was sitting over there and asking me to go to him. I was too shy to go near to him...

In the cinema, Iskandar and I keep making noises, stupid faces, keep bullying each other, like what we always do in cinema. He even eat my burger in the cinema. Oh god and everybody keep asking me what smell is that -.- Embarrassing moment ever, I swear. Actually, to be honest, I do not want to watch World War Z, and that's what we were watching yesterday. I thought I wanted to watch Monster University but seems everyone want to watch that, I just say yes.

After we finished watching that movie, we keep wander around and I decided to go for an ice skate, with my friends even him. Too bad, everybody said no. It sad though but I keep forcing them and heck yeah, they all went with me except farhan </3 It was Jha and Harith first time skate & Iskandar and I were like teaching them how to balance and skate.

We played for like one hour and my legs are really cramped but I don't want to stop until I fall down. My idiotic friend here pushing me and I were grabbing Jha's arm so at the end we both fell but I don't know why Iskandar fell too, I guess karma just bite him aye? :p

So we split off because Jha's wanted to go home early and I thought I want to buy something for Elie's birthday present but I couldn't think of anything to buy... So we went to starbucks for a drink and spending our time there before he need to send me home.

Aww our first photo and I look idiotic funny. I thought I wanted to take some more but the lights are so asdfghjkl. My face are so.... !@#$%^&*(
I'm sorry, I just don't satisfied with my look on that day and I've a horrible smile, hahahaha


whatever it is, i had so much fun yesterday so yeah..

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