Thursday, 13 June 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello

Well today I decided to make a new blog on wordpress . It been a long time thinking of doing wordpress rather than blogging in blogspot. It's not that I'm not loyal but I wanted to know other blogs features and widgets. Different blogs have different things and that's why it made it become unique and attractive. It's seem more bloggers are going to wordpress nowadays. More inspiring people posting inspiring photograph or text every single day and that's make me happy to read them. I love to read, write and share. That's what I do and that is me. I have pinterest too but I don't post anything at the moment cause I thought maybe later I'll posting all my drawings and sketches. I'm glad that artist on instagram likes what I draw and some of them give me compliments and trying to correct my mistakes by judging. Judging is good -- from our seniors or professionals.

This is one of my dreams. I wanted to learn how to do illustration and try to sell some of my artworks. I can't tell all my plans although I wanted to actually but I can't. I do not want other people to copy my ideas cause it will crush my dream so badly. It's not that I'm selfish but I will tell when I'm successful and my dreams come true. awwww i can't wait for that moment. HAHA :p

That's it for now

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