Thursday, 27 June 2013

my supposed life

Assalamualaikum and hi. Lately I've been thinking about my past. About what my mum and I were planned when I'm growing up -- what to do, where to go. Something like that. Since I was kindergarten, or before, my ambition is to be astronomy or astronaut. Anything that related of space stuff. I don't know why, but as a normal kid, especially girls (since Imma girl) well they were supposed to get dolls, dresses or toys for their birthday but I don't. Celebrating with a cake is a normal thing to do when you're celebrating birthday but I got a lots of encyclopedia books. I get excited to see all the pictures since I don't know how to read so well. Fyi, I'm still excited to read any kind of books that related with space. I still keep it though.

As I grew older, I took exams of UNSW. It's hard and I keep failing for some exams. But one day, there were someone called my mom from UNSW, he said that I can't answer the easy questions but I can on the hard ones. This is stupid. I think he is lying, or maybe not. Well nobody knows. When I'm 12, I was supposed to move to Australia when I'm 13. Sometime, I imagine, what if all of this becoming true and how is my life now. Good or bad? And who am I gonna meet with, be with. HAHAHA.

But it's okay. Humans plan but God is the one who make it become reality. It's okay if I don't go overseas but I will, one day :)

After all, my life isn't bad at all. I started to like art and I started to draw when I was kindergarten but I don't like coloring and that's what my mum and my teachers told me. Coloring for me is tiring even it make the drawing looks more beautiful than just a sketch. I do love drawing, until now. Thanks to Puan Najah and Mr Iqbal who taught me in Arts. Oh not too forget my sexy art teacher from Sri Inai. I forgot her name but I know she's kind of popular, that was she said. She told me that she has a big company and she drew a lot. She is sexy and most of the guys in my old school dreaming to make *** with her. I don't even know why. UH GUYS...

I learn how to ice skate when I was kindergarten, or before (I don't remember) and stopped at the age of 8. Cause the place that I always go with my dad is closed and the only place I know that have ice rink is in Sunway which is freaking far from my house. And I learn how to skateboarding when I was 10 and stop at the age of 12 because my mum scared that I will fall hardly like I did when I was playing my bmx. That accident was the worst I ever had. I was bleeding and I still have the scar on my elbow. I almost get hit by a car cause I do love playing bmx at the parking lot. Especially at my friend's house. I don't know why, it's just so nice. She used to teach me how to rollerblade and I swear rollerblade is the hardest thing to learn for me. I keep falling down and it hurts so bad but not bad as I fall when I'm cycling bmx. OMG I still can't forget that moment and I think I keep repeating that... haih

I love to do this kind of things but my mum is the border of every ways or every things that I've dreaming of what to do. I want to learn surfing one day, to start back skateboarding and do any kind of extreme things. I experienced doing flying fox. I never jump off from a highest place before and I did, it scary of course it is but after that I wish I can do it again and

I do wanna try sky or sea diving. It looks fun and scary and fun and scarrryyyy too.
I wanna try everything before I die because of yolo


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Best day and night ever

HI. 25 June 2013 was the awesomest day ever. I went out with my friends and I met Mr X. Ulala~ Hahaha! My friend, Jha, was about to bring two of her brothers to come along with us but she said they won't fit in the car because we were heading to picking Jha's boyfriend and Iskandar -- my idiotic best friend. So the conclusion, there was only four of us in the car. I swear to god, I was being so silent in the car cause I don't know who I wanna talk to because for sure Jha going to talk with her lovely boyfriend.

This part is kinda funny actually. We were stucked in the traffic jam and suddenly there was an old chinese guy waving at me. I was like....don't look at him don't look at him... I don't know what he's up to until he wanted to do that to me. It's kinda scary when I think it back. After we already picked up Iskandar from his uni, we were heading to Sunway. He can't stop bullying me in the car. Until today I still have this blue-black on my arm.

When we already arrived at Sunway, we quickly go to the cinema and booked tickets. Sadly, Jha and her boyfriend doesn't want to come along. It scares me because I'm the only girl who watching with them. I went  to Carl's Jr. with Iskandar because I'm starving and I keep moaning while we were queuing. We actually running out of time, and I don't know why I don't feel to eat at all. So Iskandar told me that, keep it and eat it later. Suddenly, Farhan told me that he already at the cinema with his friend (I don't remember what his name but he looks like one of my neighbours). That really making me nervous to go upstairs again. On our way to the cinema, Iskandar asked me and he pointed to a guy who wore the same color shirt like Farhan but I don't think that was him. And yeah that wasn't him. Weirdly, that guy were looking at me like I was the one who supposed to meet him and he smiled excitedly. So I just walked past him quickly. It was the scariest thing ever happen to me HAHAHA! Then Iskandar saw he was sitting over there and asking me to go to him. I was too shy to go near to him...

In the cinema, Iskandar and I keep making noises, stupid faces, keep bullying each other, like what we always do in cinema. He even eat my burger in the cinema. Oh god and everybody keep asking me what smell is that -.- Embarrassing moment ever, I swear. Actually, to be honest, I do not want to watch World War Z, and that's what we were watching yesterday. I thought I wanted to watch Monster University but seems everyone want to watch that, I just say yes.

After we finished watching that movie, we keep wander around and I decided to go for an ice skate, with my friends even him. Too bad, everybody said no. It sad though but I keep forcing them and heck yeah, they all went with me except farhan </3 It was Jha and Harith first time skate & Iskandar and I were like teaching them how to balance and skate.

We played for like one hour and my legs are really cramped but I don't want to stop until I fall down. My idiotic friend here pushing me and I were grabbing Jha's arm so at the end we both fell but I don't know why Iskandar fell too, I guess karma just bite him aye? :p

So we split off because Jha's wanted to go home early and I thought I want to buy something for Elie's birthday present but I couldn't think of anything to buy... So we went to starbucks for a drink and spending our time there before he need to send me home.

Aww our first photo and I look idiotic funny. I thought I wanted to take some more but the lights are so asdfghjkl. My face are so.... !@#$%^&*(
I'm sorry, I just don't satisfied with my look on that day and I've a horrible smile, hahahaha


whatever it is, i had so much fun yesterday so yeah..

Thursday, 20 June 2013

my life is doom

hi. i've been stressful lately, thinking about future isn't an easy thing to do. planning is easy but to make the plans become reality, well that's the hardest thing to do. this month is ending soon and im still working for my dad which i supposed to continue my studies like the rest of my mates. i have a problem. money problem. money is hard to come but easy to go. here's my friends who doesnt understand my situation. sometimes i just think, im not rich yet im not poor. but everything nowadays need money. money money money. how can i find that? by working the answer but that wont make me have a 18k for a month like some of my friends who are bloody rich people. do think about others situation. do think of mine.

im not here to talk shits about you but hey come on, we're friends for ages and i dont want our friendship ended because of small matters. i wanted to go there too and we should be in the same class or maybe in same university. too bad im not lucky like you. i know you're blaming on me cause i said i might go there with you. might isnt a comfirmation. it's just maybe. i dont like promising and i dont promise even when someone said do u love me? will u promise that u wont leave me? dear dear, i try not too but i dont like promising.

right now, i try to call other universities to ask about their fees. every time i keep calling, i think the fees are keep rising. this is piece of crap. i try to asked both of my closest friends about the fees. it's good because the fees is much more cheaper than taylors. taylors lakeside is expensive and the place kinda nice. but i try to search other universities. i dont search for how good are the campus but i just wanna go and study there. i dont care much about their ratings. i really hope my friends understand about my situation and do stop blaming me. im sorry


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What a beautiful morning

Hi there.
How was your morning?
Is it good?Or bad?

Well I'm here to tell how was my morning goes.
I woke up at 5.30 am -- if I've not mistaken, I awake because I feel so cold and I can't stop shivering.
I switch off the aircon (I don't know if this the correct spelling) and switch on the fan. I really hate to wake up early than the time I should be waking up.
I was supposed to wake up like 6.30 am and I was an hour earlier.
how awesome that could be.
So I went to whatsapp him. I thought he was asleep or what but he didn't.
So we chat for a moment until I fell asleep. I don't think I wish him good night. It was rude. I really hate to not tell people that I'm going to bed or wishing them good night, because I don't like our conversation hanging. I doesn't like when people does that to me but I think I just can't stand of my sleepiness so I leave them. BLEH BLEH BLEH... hate it

I don't know why but I like to say the blehs since I watched Hotel Transylvania yesterday.
I'm getting addicted to say those word. It cute and funny. Well whatever it is, I went work a bit late because I woke up at 7.30 am and I should be ready before 8 because I need to send my brother to kindergarten.
I never rush even I'm bloody late. I take it slow and being cool and that's why I always get detention when I'm in high school. BLEH BLEH BLEH

On my way to work, there is an accident happen on the flyover. I don't get goosebumps when I saw someone died on the road. Nahhh, I don't, except someone fell from the highest building then I'll get petrified. I keep listening to my favorite songs and my dad keep blabbering about the accident. I doesn't want to hear it but I just did.

It's 9.30 am right now and I hope for a few hours later, my morning gonna be awesome.
and I hope yours too

Monday, 17 June 2013

Hello and good morning peeps.
It's still morning even though it's only an hour left for afternoon.

Last night was the best night in this month. Haha, I slept early cause I'm tired but I didn't tell him that I was planning to sleep early since the coverage is being a b. Slow as a snail or maybe slower than that. Actually I really2 need to sleep early cause there's something in me, I don't know how to explain but I need to make a check up with the doc about me. The problem is I don't know when.

Back to the story, well I was put on my musics in my playist before I went to bed. I put it loudly and suddenly there's a bangarang song coming right up. I was listening to it and suddenly it stopped. I was awake after that happen, I checked the phone and I saw someone called me so many times. So I call him back even though I don't check who is it until he pick up the phone. Then I knew who was it, it was from him. I just can't stand to hear his voice. It just too sexy for me. Oh my god, what am I saying? HAHAHAHA what if my mom read this. Hm I don't think so.

We on the phone for a while and continue it after he went out. I think I didn't slept for a night or maybe for a while and after that, I don't. I stay awake just to talk to him until my parents woke up because it's already morning. Wow. I went down for a while and I didn't tell him where I'm actually heading to. I was shy, I don't know why. Oh god, just stop it. hahaha so I went back to my room and wanted to call him back. Then, a catastrophe happen. My sim card is broke. My phone doesn't have any coverage at all and it's all in sos mode. How amazing it could be and that moment I regret for hung up the calls but I need to. I try to reboot my phones but it's the same. So I called him using my mum's number, I told him everything and I said I'm sorry. I was supposed to get ready for work but I went back to bed, sleeping until the sun rises.

I'm such a good employee.. NOT!

The good things, I got a new sim card and all my friends were like keep whatsapping, bbming, wechatting, texting me. I don't know why but if I'm totally free, no one gonna bother me except him  -.-

okay then
that's it for now

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello

Well today I decided to make a new blog on wordpress . It been a long time thinking of doing wordpress rather than blogging in blogspot. It's not that I'm not loyal but I wanted to know other blogs features and widgets. Different blogs have different things and that's why it made it become unique and attractive. It's seem more bloggers are going to wordpress nowadays. More inspiring people posting inspiring photograph or text every single day and that's make me happy to read them. I love to read, write and share. That's what I do and that is me. I have pinterest too but I don't post anything at the moment cause I thought maybe later I'll posting all my drawings and sketches. I'm glad that artist on instagram likes what I draw and some of them give me compliments and trying to correct my mistakes by judging. Judging is good -- from our seniors or professionals.

This is one of my dreams. I wanted to learn how to do illustration and try to sell some of my artworks. I can't tell all my plans although I wanted to actually but I can't. I do not want other people to copy my ideas cause it will crush my dream so badly. It's not that I'm selfish but I will tell when I'm successful and my dreams come true. awwww i can't wait for that moment. HAHA :p

That's it for now

Sunday, 9 June 2013



Assalamualaikum :)

It's been a while I'm away. For your information, last two weeks were school holidays. Since I'm working this year, I didn't get any holidays. It's sad though but thank god that some of my cousins still studying and they had the holidays. Conclusion, I get a week off because my dad brought us to go vacation. So before we went to some places, my family and I went back to my mom's hometown in Banting, Selangor. We had a great time together and I was there for 3 days. The second day was the best. On that evening, we went to the beach. It's called Kelanang, which nears to Morib's beach. My cousin's dad work as a fisherman and he had a hut at the beach. It was awesome, we used to sleep there, having a barbecue, hanging out or swimming? haha, yeah.

Recently, there's some stray dogs come over to my uncle's hut. As a muslim, we can't adopt or pet a dog but technically, we don't pet them. I think the last time I saw this dogs were like 6 of it but it's only left one right now and it's a female dog. A bitch. HAHAHA -.-
Plus, it's called Hitam because she's in black.

Worst thing ever, she's having puppies right now. 6 of it and I say wow.
Apart from that, there also load of cats living there. Cute ones, for sure. This photo above is one of the cats who's my uncle petting.

The next day, which is the third day or the last day, we went to my dad's friends' son's weddings. So much of apostrophe..

The right box were mine and the left was Mikael's
Since, Mikael loves marshmallow so much, Pka took loads of it.
The strawberries were huge. I don't know where they get them.
btw, I don't really like strawberries, so I don't care much actually :p
I just wanna make some dramas, lol
I rather eat raspberry or grapes or green apples. That's my favorite fruits<3

mama mia, delicioso

Back to the story, after we went to the wedding ceremony, my family and I supposed to go to Malacca but they changed the plan and we went to Terengganu instead. 

From KL to Terengganu take ages to reach. I don't know how Farhan can go home from here for a night. This is insanely out of mind. We went to Kuantan because my dad was tired of driving and we overnight there. The picture above showing how tired we are of sitting in the car and it was morning and Mikael is still in his pyjamas because he get mad and doesn't want to bath. What a attitude. 

What important is we had so much fun. We went to Perhentian Island but there's nothing fun there actually. I get tanned, geez. I hate when my skin getting darker, I look horrible with it. Anyways, the view were superb.

I love the view but I'm not satisfied with the chalet/resort. It's beautiful from the outside but a nightmare in the inside. Worst case ever.
Whatever it is, on our way to this island, we need to go by the boat. A small boat and the ocean's waves are scary and we're terrified by it. It's was an adventure to us, our boat keep smashing the sea surface and it made our body ache. Pka is the one who scream the loudest and laugh the most. When the big waves are coming toward us, she grab my thigh. It was painful and our clothes are outrageously wet. No wonder before we get in the boat, I saw a lots of people are drenched by the sea water. I was thinking, where did they swim? It's a jetty and I didn't saw anyone swimming -.- And the answer were given to us. 

See how wet she is and she's wearing my only jacket. It was freezing and we went swimming after that. Since we are wet. hah. Thank god the island is bloody hot so it can warm us up but when we're getting in the sea, it's getting cold back.

This vacation are the awesome than before, I hope other people enjoyed their vacations too.
Well that's it for now :")