Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Hi everyone and I'm glad that my page view stat reaches to 2012
thank you for visiting and I hope that more people are gonna read my blog even though my followers aren't that much. I don't need followers until 1k or more but I'm glad that there's people are reading this, it's good new isn't it? Better than having so much followers but they don't even bother to read your blog. I admit I do try to promote my blog but hey it's just started and if I started to sell any of my stuff, I will try to promote it.

Well, I found a picture from favim

Perfect boys do only exist in books but I don't trust it for 100 %. Well, books are written and the author describes about her dream guys. I also can write that but to have in my arm, no. I can't change my guy to become what I want. Unless he were born to be perfect with me. hah

This is B-E-A-U-tiful. I always wanted to sell this kind of things.
I may be will.
I will.
I try.

Last night was the horrible night ever. Everyone are being such a dick. I hate them. I hate how they treat me when I need someone to talk to but my mum were there. I don't tell much about me to my parents. It's not that I'm scared to tell my secrets. Well I do actually, but I'm scared if they get cross but I'm scared they will laugh and tell anyone about it. They're not a good listener and not good in keeping secrets. That's why I feel better enough to tell one of my best cousin or my best friend. Too bad she is being such !@#$%^&*

She keep giving me reasons. I know that she's sitting for a big exam this year but I'm just wanna take her time for like 2 minutes or less but she was like oh no I can't, I'm busy, I have so much too do. BLAHBLAHBLAH. I regret for waste my time for her when I was her age. Now I feel she isn't a good friend anymore. She's not there when I need her, she even asked me to call her on Sunday. I was like what the heck is wrong with her. She asked me to wait for a few days when I can settle it for a minutes. I get crossed so I went to bed. I wanted to text someone but I don't want to disturb him. Even K were mean to me. I know my bad, my fault but I said I'm sorry. I don't know why K get so mad on bbm chat but being so nice in a phone call. I don't know what wrong with this people.

If there's a fantasy world I can go in, I will go there and never come back. I'm tired of everything. I'm exhausted. I'm 18 and I don't feel I'm enjoying my life. Maybe I need to meet some new people but who?


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