Tuesday, 7 May 2013

things i hate to hear when breaking up

Assalamualaikum and hello

Good Morning by the way, it's been a while I didn't update anything in my blog. I've been busy lately and I don't have any idea what to post. I'm scared that if I did, I'll post nonsense things here and my English will be so terrible and I will mix it with Malay's language so it will be end up with Manglish.

So my topic today is things I hate or I don't want to hear when breaking up. I'm feeling so bad toward my friends -- mostly to the girls. Well, when I'm having a break up, the worst thing that happen is I being dumped without he tells me he wants to break up. I don't really care, I rather be like that than someone being so rude and insult me face to face. I still can stand if someone tells through texts or calls. I'm okay with that.

What happen to my friends, isn't cool at all. One of my girlfriends, her ex boyfriend shouted at her in front of all students at the school hallway, he said "I don't want to see your fucking faces again" wow. How many faces she had? lol. They had a big fight, I swear if I have someone like that as my boyfriend, I'll slap him in front of everyone. He's not a good guy but she still want him even he cheating with one of my classmate which is my friend too. This thing I really don't like because both of this beautiful girls are my friend and when this monster dating them, war will happen. The thing is, I don't really care who dating who or who cheating on who but they both will pull me and ask me to back up or stands for who, I will definitely runaway. This story begun two years ago when I was 16. I just got back from the washroom and suddenly I saw she were crying on someone else's shoulder, I thought that was her new boyfriend but na'ah it's not, so I thought I wanna cheer her up but suddenly, someone pull me into the class. She is my classmate, the one the monster cheating on. She telling me craps and I swear I don't know what to do. I skip my computer class because of this stupid matters that doesn't relate in my life. I can't believe my friend dating him twice and that guy still dating my classmate. wow, love is really blind isn't it? I almost get caught of truant, I was like oh my god and my Malay friends are very crossed at me because I went out with the Chinese. oops?

Second things that happen is to one of boyfriends (the guy who is my friend), he dating this girl for more than two years. He kept complaining about the girl to my Chinese friends, I always listen to what they were talking and I told him that you and her been together for so long and that was his first girlfriend same goes to the girl, he was her first boyfriend. I told him to not waste this relationship. Even they argued too much, they still together til now. I hope they will be together forever :)

Most things I hate in relationship is argued or he insults me too much. I had a boyfriend like that and I swear I dumped him really bad. He is a nice guy (towards me) but he hot-tempered. I can't stand when he asked me to do something that I don't want even give him a call. He always ask me to call him in the morning, in school hours and before going to bed. WHY ALWAYS ME? WHY DO I NEED TO WASTE MY PHONE BILLS ONTO YOU WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN WANT TO CALL ME? THE WORST THING WHEN YOU ASKED ME TO PAY YOUR PHONE'S CREDITS. wow baby, you already over the limit. I don't mind if I'm the only one who wanted to call you but if keep forcing me, no is the answer. He always pick a fight on me and insults me in many things. That's why no girls want to stay for a longer time, even me. Some people said that I'm a playgirl cause I have too much of boyfriends well I did last time but I'm not a playgirl. Guys always lie on me so why can't I do the same back?

If my mum knows how many ex I had, I'll die.
I'm not proud for what I did and I try to change myself to be better person
so yeah
and... back to the story
I don't like arguing in relationship and I always want to stay away from that thing to happen
I just want to say that even I'm going on breaking up, just tell me nicely and I'm sorry if I get angry or sad
Girls always like that, they get angry and sad in the same time and they calm down later.


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