Sunday, 26 May 2013

same shit, different day

hi, ollo olla olli ;)

well good morning even it's going to noon in half an hour more.
happy Monday btw, i know that monday is the moan day and most people hates monday and i don't know why..

so, why did i put this quote and what does it mean?
well, i dont know why but i dont like people confess to me when they already have someone else
i dont do anything, i dont flirt with them and worst, i dont even talk to them.

so there is this guy, just confessed to me in a couple of minutes ago, i do not want to mention his name and im not here to embarrass him but i just wanna tell what do i feel

it's okay to tell people what you feel rather that keeping it on your own but think it back. you already have someone special in your life. why do u need to find others? think it back when the time you flirting with her and trying to make her to be yours, don't you think that's the hardest thing to do? and now you got her but you don't appreciate her. you told me you cried, do you want my sympathy? i dont feel at all. i dont know what problem you're facing but you said that she did something horrible to you until you want to confess or trying to meet new person, the thing is, why did you still using her picture as your display photo and try to seduce me? it wont work. trust me.

the way that you confessing, your words, OH EM GEE, it's like in the book.
in a malay's love novels. exactly the same.
i think that we seldom chatting and you said that's the reason you've been missing me a lot until you stole my picture just to look at it. it's freaking me out and i seldom talk to you cause i think you're annoying and i dont want any good relation with you but i think im wrong, i cant believe it didnt work. i never thought it could make you miss me. hahaha, i thought you're going to stop disturbing me.

whatever it is, just take care of her
be patient and accept her flaws.

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