Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Not a day off but a week

Hi dweebs,
It's been a while I didn't update anything cause I've been very busy lately.
I though I want to take a day off from working.. but i end up taking for a week
So on Friday.. well, I was planned to wake up late and just stay in bed but suddenly I saw someone texted me, I kind off excited cause it's from him and I don't know what happen, I feel asleep with my phone on my chest. Tidur punya sedap suddenly my mum make a noise in my room asking me to get up and get ready cause someone is coming. *checking phone* I've got 2 missed calls and whatsapp's text from my craziest tiger saying she's on her way.

Ah kau, kelam bagai ribut dibuatnya. I get ready as soon as possible and my hair ugh messy as !@#$%^&*. It's not a harsh word okay, I just don't know how to describe myself on that time. I comb but I didn't straighten my fringe so I just grab a shawl. Pakai and keluar. Memang best, memang best kena gelak dengan Iskandar and Jiha. I was like alaaaa biarlahhh aku pakai shawl, eish. Haha, so we went to McDonald and having a breakfast.
Alolo, hahahahaha look at Iskandar's face ;p
After we spend most our morning in McDonald, we went back and hung out at Jha's.
While Iskandar went back for Friday's prayer and attending his class, me, jha and her cousin, Nurul Ain if I've not mistaken, I'm sorry if I spelled it wrong. So we three cute chics went to pick up Jha's cute siblings from their kindergarten... Ramainya lelaki berbaju melayu, cuci mata itu wajib bagi kitorang hahahahahahahaa. Let's ignore that.

After we get tired of wandering, we went back to Jha's, again. They planned to make a batik cake. It's made by cocoa powder (but we used Milo instead), Marie's biscuits, sweetened condensed milk (susu pekat lettuw) and satu buku of buttercup..

I know it's look not that attractive but it's really delicious. I swear, you should try this at home. It's the easiest thing to do on Earth.. Even's Jha's youngest sister and brother keep asking for more.

From morning and I think at 9 am or earlier I went out and I went back almost midnight. It was the craziest shit I ever done and my mum keep calling me when I wanna go home :p

But before this ada je lagi lambat... Balik rumah, ayah tak marah pun.
*rainicorn dance*


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