Monday, 13 May 2013

JPJ test 2



It was Monday morning, I was attending a jpj test for the second time, which a car test.
It's not that nervous like the first time.
It feel really boring cause I don't have any friends.
But aku ni memang jenis muka tebal, so I just sit next to this girl, damn she so sombong
I thought I wanna talk to her more but she was listening to her song and I was like no wonder she tak layan me. *sobbing*

So I opened my novel.
Oh please, I do read books but not love story.
Aku tumbuk muka kau kalau kau ingat aku jiwang
well, I was reading my thriller novel and suddenly the jpj guy calling. I looked behind, and the guy who came with me asking me is it our turn, and I was like, I have no idea. So I sat next to him, we were waiting for our turn.. but actually it was our turn, this time I'm the 6th victim and he was 5th.
So we moved in front, I still sit next to him following the arrangement.
We were talking about our last test and I forgot to ask his name until I saw his card. His name is Thinesh, he is a funny Indian guy and very friendly. In person, if I make a friend, I wouldn't introduce myself, I usually just pretend like that person I knew for a long time, until now I do not know where he lived and how old is he.

He got a women tester while I got a guy. Thank god I got the guy tester. Kalau lagi lucky, I got the hot one. Tapi too bad. He is bald hahahahaa seriously but he's hot. Tak kisah he wears sunglasses or not, he still have that good looking type. So lucky.. 

Nasib baik, the tester bukak radio, and I was like yey... 
paling menyampah, bila aku tekan minyak time tu lah ada orang nak melintas. geram betul...
well apa2pun, I lulus ;)

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