Wednesday, 1 May 2013

i need some privacy

oh hey
well gambar above ni takde kena mengena pun dgn entry and i found it on favim :)
i love posting photograph from favim or tumblr

well nowadays, i dont feel so good, im feelin sick all the time
hati tak sedap and sakit
sakit not the reason im missing someone ke apa
it's just someone my chest rasa berat sangat, rasa sakit
itu yang sebab sometimes i mcm sesak nafas, and i get panic easily
well i dont have asthma, i never have one
even my family takde pun yang asthma except my cousins

eeekkkk, scary
sometimes my backbone hurts, my head hurts
semualah, sometimes i feel everything sakit
and i always feeling sad

takde reasons pun
or maybe ada.

most thing i hate in this world is human
people surrounds me
i hate everyone but i need em
they did nothing to me
but sometimes i need to be alone

im  sorry if people i love read this, i didnt mean anything
this feeling come sometime to me,
i really2 need to be alone sometime, watching the sky alone, doing something alone

i do regret when i said to someone, leave me alone
i do really am
especially to someone but thank god he understands me
i know there's a quote saying "when you're sad, all you want is a warm hug from someone"
yes, that's what i want and i always get from my friends in school
too bad, im not in high school anymore

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