Thursday, 2 May 2013


undercover martyn by two door cinema club was the best song i never heard. most songs from this band are my favourite. i started listen to them when i was form 3, and that's mean when im 15. some people hate me just because i dont support local band, watch your mouth you ugly losers, i do support local band or artist or songs, whatever. i support them but i dont listen to them. malaysia's artist is awesome, they all are awesome but most of their songs sucks. i mean i know there a lot people out there love to listen to them but for me uh umm mostly i dont like it. i love to hear songs from bunkface, meet uncle hussein, and more. most of it from indie bands but now they dont sing in indie genre anymore right? so i step out, i do want to hear their new songs. they aren't cool enough like they were back then. so right now, i prefer international band, do judge me

the revolution by for the foxes, i do love this song and i recommend to one of my friend and he was like omg omg i love it and started to sing all day in class until he get bored then he started to singing korean songs. lol , i do listen in other languages too like french, japanese, koreans, indonesian, etc. it doesnt mean listen to korean means imma kpop fans. no, im not, i listen when i get bored of that language so yeah.

well my favourite bands is you me at six, two door cinema club, never shout never, paramore, all time low, arctic monkeys, the maine, etc. i listen to em most of the time. so yeah

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