Wednesday, 29 May 2013

dinner in pavillion,kl

Assalamualaikum and hey thereeee!

how are ya??

I miss blogging so much, I never had a chance to blog because I'm too busy working and doing my stuff
Well last Monday was the best. I went out with bunch of friends on Monday's night and we're having a dinner in Madam Kwan, Pavillion, KL
It was awesome when we're meet our old friends gather together. I miss them a lot

from left : fuad, jha, heley, me, iskandar, arif and danish (jha's brother)

After we had the craziest dinner moment, some of us need to go home.
Danish planned to have a shisha after the dinner, Jha get crossed cause she don't know that her own brother shisha before.

It took a while to search the cheapest shop, so we went out from pavillion and end up went into a arab shop in BB. It's the scariest thing that happen when a slut come towards to this stranger offering her body and massaging... It never happen in front of my eyes before but I know that shits happen around the world.
We had fun. A lots of fun.

Whenever I think that moment, this kind of videos always crossed on my mind

pause it on 0.12, I swear her behaviors kind like one of my friends.

I know it's kind of emosssss style but this kind of videos always happen to me when I'm my friends or cousins. It just I never had a videos of us, so that's kind of sad thing.

well that's it for now. chiao

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