Wednesday, 29 May 2013



Good Morning and happy Thursday
It's been almost 4 months I've been working and it's kinda stressing when the customers keep asking me things that I don't know. I hope that I could help them. It's not that I'm lazy or doesn't want to help them, it's just I'm trying to learn the things that I don't know. I'm not good in communication, I don't know why. I only talks when I have stories or problems and that moment I won't stop talking and people starts to think that I'm such an annoying person.Well I think I am, sometimes.

Every time the customers asking me about clothes that we're selling or asking how to make the payment, my reaction will be like this

Well mentality I will become like this. Physically, I will start to tell them to see someone else or I called other people to help them. I'm such a horrible employee. I sleep, I listen to songs too loud, I keep going out with my friends and not doing my work. I only sleep when I'm sick or I really can't stand of my sleepiness.

But I try to do my best though.

Forget the rest aye? I can't though. I need to do this. I really am.


dinner in pavillion,kl

Assalamualaikum and hey thereeee!

how are ya??

I miss blogging so much, I never had a chance to blog because I'm too busy working and doing my stuff
Well last Monday was the best. I went out with bunch of friends on Monday's night and we're having a dinner in Madam Kwan, Pavillion, KL
It was awesome when we're meet our old friends gather together. I miss them a lot

from left : fuad, jha, heley, me, iskandar, arif and danish (jha's brother)

After we had the craziest dinner moment, some of us need to go home.
Danish planned to have a shisha after the dinner, Jha get crossed cause she don't know that her own brother shisha before.

It took a while to search the cheapest shop, so we went out from pavillion and end up went into a arab shop in BB. It's the scariest thing that happen when a slut come towards to this stranger offering her body and massaging... It never happen in front of my eyes before but I know that shits happen around the world.
We had fun. A lots of fun.

Whenever I think that moment, this kind of videos always crossed on my mind

pause it on 0.12, I swear her behaviors kind like one of my friends.

I know it's kind of emosssss style but this kind of videos always happen to me when I'm my friends or cousins. It just I never had a videos of us, so that's kind of sad thing.

well that's it for now. chiao

Sunday, 26 May 2013

same shit, different day

hi, ollo olla olli ;)

well good morning even it's going to noon in half an hour more.
happy Monday btw, i know that monday is the moan day and most people hates monday and i don't know why..

so, why did i put this quote and what does it mean?
well, i dont know why but i dont like people confess to me when they already have someone else
i dont do anything, i dont flirt with them and worst, i dont even talk to them.

so there is this guy, just confessed to me in a couple of minutes ago, i do not want to mention his name and im not here to embarrass him but i just wanna tell what do i feel

it's okay to tell people what you feel rather that keeping it on your own but think it back. you already have someone special in your life. why do u need to find others? think it back when the time you flirting with her and trying to make her to be yours, don't you think that's the hardest thing to do? and now you got her but you don't appreciate her. you told me you cried, do you want my sympathy? i dont feel at all. i dont know what problem you're facing but you said that she did something horrible to you until you want to confess or trying to meet new person, the thing is, why did you still using her picture as your display photo and try to seduce me? it wont work. trust me.

the way that you confessing, your words, OH EM GEE, it's like in the book.
in a malay's love novels. exactly the same.
i think that we seldom chatting and you said that's the reason you've been missing me a lot until you stole my picture just to look at it. it's freaking me out and i seldom talk to you cause i think you're annoying and i dont want any good relation with you but i think im wrong, i cant believe it didnt work. i never thought it could make you miss me. hahaha, i thought you're going to stop disturbing me.

whatever it is, just take care of her
be patient and accept her flaws.

Monday, 20 May 2013

bersama sahabat

Assalamualaikum and hi

well, last friday should be my working day but my friends came to my office so we went out for lunch.
sebenar i have no idea aku keluar on what date, i forgot.
i swear, dlm my memory, all i think is Iskandar whatsapp me saying we all going out on Thursday but I rechecked my blog, the last update was on friday,
i couldnt think more cause i will get massive headache later.

i think i should go and have a check to a doctor cause most of the time i'll blackout. time nak bagitahu orang memang excited, cite punya cite tetiba lupa. then i will keep quiet and think it back. i swear that was the worst thing about me. even my own cousin pun i forget. i mean i dont forget them 100 percently but some about them i will forget. for an example like her/his name, how old is s/he.. my mum usually get pissed and she said penyakit kau ni dah teruk. noooo mana ada, i just forgot, nanti ingatlah balik...

i dont know lah kalau aku dah kawin mcm mana, first night tidur dengan husband, tomorrow lupa yang aku dah kawin actually HAHAHAHAAH. Like this one situation, i slept with pika, which is one of my best cousins, tak ingat kut yang aku tidur dengan dia.when i woke up, nampak dia depan muka, and i scream like crazy. i almost fall from the bed sbb cuak. then she woke up siut, but she still mamai. i laughed crazily on bed, the continue tidur hahahaha itu baru dengan pka, orang lain taktahulah.

ada satu time, tidur dengan mel, one of my ex classmate. camping kut, and we slept in the tent. Mazreen, Dayang, Mel and I. I tidur sebelah Mel, i dont know what happen but the next morning mel kata she had a great conversation with me last night. time tu i think, i dah tidur maybe i talk in my sleep kut then she layan. hha

back to the story...
iskandar, jha, jha's boyfriend and i went out for a lunch. pening punya nak decide makan apa, we end up having a lunch at domino. weh seriously malu, weh, even jha almost taknak admit im her friend.
nak masuk kedai ni, takboleh bukak pintu. i try the hardest that i can to push it and knock sbb iskandar dah masuk. lama2 i gave up, i pusing blkg, i cakap "jha...siutlah aku takboleh nak bukak pintu ni" buat muka kesian then she smirked, she pushed, one time je weh, dah bukak, then i laughed mcm org btl... makcik tu gelakkan aku :"( sampai hati...

jangan tanya kenapa aku buat muka tu. sebab aku tngah makan, then iskandar kacau tak bagi aku amik gbr
he even cubit aku, lebam memang lebam, biru bulat je. geram je aku tgk... tapi apakan daya, dia seorang lelaki dan aku seorang perempuan. aku hanya insan yang lemah, ecehhhwahh ayat poyo dah keluar :p
we ate 2 boxes of pizza and 1 box of garlic bread. uh sedap. aku dengan iskandar je makan sbb bf jha and jha cm malu2 then mula flirting depan kitorang...
jha mmg tak makan onion, then iskandar suapkan garlic bread dkt dia hahaha but she don't know at first,
sedap kot garlic bread, why she tak suka? :(

dah lepas makan tu semua, kitorang hantar bf jha, semua rumah dekat2, tapi iskandarlah rumah jauh...
dah hantar tu kitorang jalan2 area rumah, damn i hate my turn. dah sampai cheras diorang bagi aku memang aku biasa... dari cheras nak ke taman tasik aiyooo scary. nak balik rumah aku pun aku tak ingat jalan sebab jalan teratai tu cam errrr banyak sangat simpang. pening den... aku tak tahu macam mana orang yang tak pernah datang rumah kitorang then tetiba nak datang... hahaha memang gerenti sesat. i feel pity dekat armand lah cause dia dahlah naik taxi, then the driver pun taktahu mana tmn perumahan aku.. eish2, kesian :p

whatever it is, i phobia sikit sbb i almost hit someone... then aku tak reverse or tak kedepan. aku stay tgh2 tu then iskandar dah mula mengucap hahaha dia a bit mrh, but alah marah dia tu tak cuak lah :p
sekejap je marah dia, lepas kau tickle dia, okaylah tu
except kalau dia putus cinta tu jangan kacaulah, kalau nak mati, silakan XD

lama2 dari kata nak keluar lunch sampai office hour nak habis tak balik2 office, terus balik rumahlah.
gambar banyak dekat macbook is, geram sangat sebab dia kata nak send but tak send2 pun mhmmm

okay then,,, chiao

Friday, 17 May 2013

Love can be hard sometimes

Assalamualaikum and hi

I dont know if this is a clue or what but hati aku memang berat nak move on. This past 3 days, someone proposed to me, on the phone. He's my friend and the first guy who ever did that. I kinda like him too but i dont love him how much i love mr x . The thing is, do mr x even love me back like what all he said last time. I'm scared if this seperation doesnt mean anything.

I dont know but i did saying to him gimme time to think, it's like what mr x said..
But i dont think, i think anything. I dont know man, rasa bersalah gile. I dont cry like i cried for mr x. I keep thinking benda ni smua cepat sgt nak couple baru and im still 18 but yang peliknya kenapa aku tak rasa benda ni cpt sgt bila aku dgn mr x. I just dont want to lose mr x cause im so happy when im with him. Taktahu lah of dia happy dgn aku ke tak.

I still remember what he said ytd, dia ajak aku nak pergi rumah his mom lah, rumah sewa dia lah.. He wants to meet my parents lah. It's sweet cause he's so excited to plan everything but everytime he said buat aku teringat dkt mr x. Dalam masa 7 bulan aku kenal dia, mr x takde nak plan apa2 even kalau benda tu tak menjadi. I try to ajak him keluar but dia macam tkthu je tp dlm banyak2 laki lah, mmg mr x paling sweet. Sweet talker, menympah aku hahahhaha semua benda yg mr x ckp smua aku screen grab. Fyi, mr x lah org ptama aku bgthu dkt mak aku excitedly, then tah lah.

Kenapalah aku cpt suka orang? Tapi dalam 10 org yang aku suka (contoh) surely 1 je aku mcm excited nak buat everything. Skrg ni mcm aku tak fkir mcm2 tapi aku tkut mr x pun x fkir jgk. I know he is busy with his life.


Wednesday, 15 May 2013


malam yang indaaahh

hi, nowadays trend gwiyomi.
sampai hari ni aku taktahu pe menda tu
but ramailah buat, kononnya comel
kepada orang yang comel, you're lucky
some people buat tak menjadi, especially me
orang lain semua pakai comel2, make up lawa2,


saya dengan baju sekolah splashnya dengan muka mengantuknya
siapa aja mahu melihatnya????

dah taknak cakap pasal gwiyomi dah

Not a day off but a week

Hi dweebs,
It's been a while I didn't update anything cause I've been very busy lately.
I though I want to take a day off from working.. but i end up taking for a week
So on Friday.. well, I was planned to wake up late and just stay in bed but suddenly I saw someone texted me, I kind off excited cause it's from him and I don't know what happen, I feel asleep with my phone on my chest. Tidur punya sedap suddenly my mum make a noise in my room asking me to get up and get ready cause someone is coming. *checking phone* I've got 2 missed calls and whatsapp's text from my craziest tiger saying she's on her way.

Ah kau, kelam bagai ribut dibuatnya. I get ready as soon as possible and my hair ugh messy as !@#$%^&*. It's not a harsh word okay, I just don't know how to describe myself on that time. I comb but I didn't straighten my fringe so I just grab a shawl. Pakai and keluar. Memang best, memang best kena gelak dengan Iskandar and Jiha. I was like alaaaa biarlahhh aku pakai shawl, eish. Haha, so we went to McDonald and having a breakfast.
Alolo, hahahahaha look at Iskandar's face ;p
After we spend most our morning in McDonald, we went back and hung out at Jha's.
While Iskandar went back for Friday's prayer and attending his class, me, jha and her cousin, Nurul Ain if I've not mistaken, I'm sorry if I spelled it wrong. So we three cute chics went to pick up Jha's cute siblings from their kindergarten... Ramainya lelaki berbaju melayu, cuci mata itu wajib bagi kitorang hahahahahahahaa. Let's ignore that.

After we get tired of wandering, we went back to Jha's, again. They planned to make a batik cake. It's made by cocoa powder (but we used Milo instead), Marie's biscuits, sweetened condensed milk (susu pekat lettuw) and satu buku of buttercup..

I know it's look not that attractive but it's really delicious. I swear, you should try this at home. It's the easiest thing to do on Earth.. Even's Jha's youngest sister and brother keep asking for more.

From morning and I think at 9 am or earlier I went out and I went back almost midnight. It was the craziest shit I ever done and my mum keep calling me when I wanna go home :p

But before this ada je lagi lambat... Balik rumah, ayah tak marah pun.
*rainicorn dance*


Monday, 13 May 2013

JPJ test 2



It was Monday morning, I was attending a jpj test for the second time, which a car test.
It's not that nervous like the first time.
It feel really boring cause I don't have any friends.
But aku ni memang jenis muka tebal, so I just sit next to this girl, damn she so sombong
I thought I wanna talk to her more but she was listening to her song and I was like no wonder she tak layan me. *sobbing*

So I opened my novel.
Oh please, I do read books but not love story.
Aku tumbuk muka kau kalau kau ingat aku jiwang
well, I was reading my thriller novel and suddenly the jpj guy calling. I looked behind, and the guy who came with me asking me is it our turn, and I was like, I have no idea. So I sat next to him, we were waiting for our turn.. but actually it was our turn, this time I'm the 6th victim and he was 5th.
So we moved in front, I still sit next to him following the arrangement.
We were talking about our last test and I forgot to ask his name until I saw his card. His name is Thinesh, he is a funny Indian guy and very friendly. In person, if I make a friend, I wouldn't introduce myself, I usually just pretend like that person I knew for a long time, until now I do not know where he lived and how old is he.

He got a women tester while I got a guy. Thank god I got the guy tester. Kalau lagi lucky, I got the hot one. Tapi too bad. He is bald hahahahaa seriously but he's hot. Tak kisah he wears sunglasses or not, he still have that good looking type. So lucky.. 

Nasib baik, the tester bukak radio, and I was like yey... 
paling menyampah, bila aku tekan minyak time tu lah ada orang nak melintas. geram betul...
well apa2pun, I lulus ;)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I found a few pictures for my horoscope. I'm an Aries and I do love the logo and I don't believe on what people said about Aries but some of it are related with me. If you're an Aries too, well let's air high 5. yeay!

Seriously? Maybe some Aries but not me.
or maybe..

YES true. Definitely. I get stress up right now cause I can't go out, like hang out with my friends cause there's always something blocking my way.

love it

Things on my wishlist:

I found a few pictures and it's amazing
It's catches my eyes.
Here, let's see it




Hi everyone and I'm glad that my page view stat reaches to 2012
thank you for visiting and I hope that more people are gonna read my blog even though my followers aren't that much. I don't need followers until 1k or more but I'm glad that there's people are reading this, it's good new isn't it? Better than having so much followers but they don't even bother to read your blog. I admit I do try to promote my blog but hey it's just started and if I started to sell any of my stuff, I will try to promote it.

Well, I found a picture from favim

Perfect boys do only exist in books but I don't trust it for 100 %. Well, books are written and the author describes about her dream guys. I also can write that but to have in my arm, no. I can't change my guy to become what I want. Unless he were born to be perfect with me. hah

This is B-E-A-U-tiful. I always wanted to sell this kind of things.
I may be will.
I will.
I try.

Last night was the horrible night ever. Everyone are being such a dick. I hate them. I hate how they treat me when I need someone to talk to but my mum were there. I don't tell much about me to my parents. It's not that I'm scared to tell my secrets. Well I do actually, but I'm scared if they get cross but I'm scared they will laugh and tell anyone about it. They're not a good listener and not good in keeping secrets. That's why I feel better enough to tell one of my best cousin or my best friend. Too bad she is being such !@#$%^&*

She keep giving me reasons. I know that she's sitting for a big exam this year but I'm just wanna take her time for like 2 minutes or less but she was like oh no I can't, I'm busy, I have so much too do. BLAHBLAHBLAH. I regret for waste my time for her when I was her age. Now I feel she isn't a good friend anymore. She's not there when I need her, she even asked me to call her on Sunday. I was like what the heck is wrong with her. She asked me to wait for a few days when I can settle it for a minutes. I get crossed so I went to bed. I wanted to text someone but I don't want to disturb him. Even K were mean to me. I know my bad, my fault but I said I'm sorry. I don't know why K get so mad on bbm chat but being so nice in a phone call. I don't know what wrong with this people.

If there's a fantasy world I can go in, I will go there and never come back. I'm tired of everything. I'm exhausted. I'm 18 and I don't feel I'm enjoying my life. Maybe I need to meet some new people but who?


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

things i hate to hear when breaking up

Assalamualaikum and hello

Good Morning by the way, it's been a while I didn't update anything in my blog. I've been busy lately and I don't have any idea what to post. I'm scared that if I did, I'll post nonsense things here and my English will be so terrible and I will mix it with Malay's language so it will be end up with Manglish.

So my topic today is things I hate or I don't want to hear when breaking up. I'm feeling so bad toward my friends -- mostly to the girls. Well, when I'm having a break up, the worst thing that happen is I being dumped without he tells me he wants to break up. I don't really care, I rather be like that than someone being so rude and insult me face to face. I still can stand if someone tells through texts or calls. I'm okay with that.

What happen to my friends, isn't cool at all. One of my girlfriends, her ex boyfriend shouted at her in front of all students at the school hallway, he said "I don't want to see your fucking faces again" wow. How many faces she had? lol. They had a big fight, I swear if I have someone like that as my boyfriend, I'll slap him in front of everyone. He's not a good guy but she still want him even he cheating with one of my classmate which is my friend too. This thing I really don't like because both of this beautiful girls are my friend and when this monster dating them, war will happen. The thing is, I don't really care who dating who or who cheating on who but they both will pull me and ask me to back up or stands for who, I will definitely runaway. This story begun two years ago when I was 16. I just got back from the washroom and suddenly I saw she were crying on someone else's shoulder, I thought that was her new boyfriend but na'ah it's not, so I thought I wanna cheer her up but suddenly, someone pull me into the class. She is my classmate, the one the monster cheating on. She telling me craps and I swear I don't know what to do. I skip my computer class because of this stupid matters that doesn't relate in my life. I can't believe my friend dating him twice and that guy still dating my classmate. wow, love is really blind isn't it? I almost get caught of truant, I was like oh my god and my Malay friends are very crossed at me because I went out with the Chinese. oops?

Second things that happen is to one of boyfriends (the guy who is my friend), he dating this girl for more than two years. He kept complaining about the girl to my Chinese friends, I always listen to what they were talking and I told him that you and her been together for so long and that was his first girlfriend same goes to the girl, he was her first boyfriend. I told him to not waste this relationship. Even they argued too much, they still together til now. I hope they will be together forever :)

Most things I hate in relationship is argued or he insults me too much. I had a boyfriend like that and I swear I dumped him really bad. He is a nice guy (towards me) but he hot-tempered. I can't stand when he asked me to do something that I don't want even give him a call. He always ask me to call him in the morning, in school hours and before going to bed. WHY ALWAYS ME? WHY DO I NEED TO WASTE MY PHONE BILLS ONTO YOU WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN WANT TO CALL ME? THE WORST THING WHEN YOU ASKED ME TO PAY YOUR PHONE'S CREDITS. wow baby, you already over the limit. I don't mind if I'm the only one who wanted to call you but if keep forcing me, no is the answer. He always pick a fight on me and insults me in many things. That's why no girls want to stay for a longer time, even me. Some people said that I'm a playgirl cause I have too much of boyfriends well I did last time but I'm not a playgirl. Guys always lie on me so why can't I do the same back?

If my mum knows how many ex I had, I'll die.
I'm not proud for what I did and I try to change myself to be better person
so yeah
and... back to the story
I don't like arguing in relationship and I always want to stay away from that thing to happen
I just want to say that even I'm going on breaking up, just tell me nicely and I'm sorry if I get angry or sad
Girls always like that, they get angry and sad in the same time and they calm down later.


Thursday, 2 May 2013


assalamualaikum, hey there

i cant believe im working today. im exhausted and i dont feel so good
i think im sick, and i cant stop from sleeping
my eyes hurt so much and that's why when i went to bed, i barely open it
it's really annoying, really really are

i dont know why the f name is everywhere
even my old friend pun ada nama f in his name and i though his name starts from aphabet h and why suddenly f -.-
everywhere f
even lappy dekat office pun someone who i dont know log in google pun nama f
wow everywhere f f f
i know there's a million people nama sama dengan dia
but i couldnt think about anyone,

omg im so tired,
all i want is to sleep
i think i need some rest so yeah


hi just read below

mmkay bye