Tuesday, 30 April 2013

when you hates someone, you will..

hey, well i don't know what's into her but she really get on my nerves nowadays. i can't mention her name cause I'm scared she will read this -- if she got so much time to read my blog. I kind of hating her and when I hates someone, for sure whatever she does, I'll get annoyed easily

I know that she's older than me and yeah of course I need to respect her, unless i can't stand of it, i wont be respecting her then. There's something in her made me wanna know more. I mean what she does everyday and why is she like to lie to everyone surrounds her. I know and I noticed that she is lying to me and she's a freaking stalker. She stalks me, stalks my facebook even wanna know more what my dad doing at home. I was like, pls go marry someone else. You're too choosy that's why you didn't marry til now and you always choose someone who filthy rich. Do you think money can buy happiness? Yes. For a short time.

You love someone because of money. Kikis duit orang tu sampai buat business. Ingat berkat ke duit tu? Orang yang kau "sayang" tu pun bagitahu yang you're just a spare part for him. At the end, he sued you but you tell me that you sold your company to someone else. How can you sell when that thing isn't yours? Stop lying because sooner or later, I will know the truth..

You always dress up nicely and put a thick make up on your face. You always make yourself so pretty even though you're not that pretty but you're disgusting. Pengotor gila. See your car, see your house. Takpayah tgk tu, tengok your place also I know. Your place is disorder, everything messed up. I know my bedroom is messy too but it's only clothes but you? full of rubbish.

Sometimes I wonder how people can listen to every words you said? Are you putting spells on them? Kau jumpa bomoh ke? Guna ayat2.. I'm sorry if whatever I said is over the bridge but that's what I'm wondering. Sangat pelik...

Most annoying about you is your laugh. The way you laugh is like a sea lion, even sea lion is much cuter than you. I'm not insulting you, or maybe I am hah! But I don't care. You pernah rude dekat my mum and you think I wanna be nice to you? Maybe only infront of you. Itu pun won't last long. Why in the world you exist eh? You and the whole of your family is a liar. Aku kenal kau pun bukan baru tahun ni. Cause your sister in law is my mum's friend but taktahu mcm mana boleh kau sesat...

whatever it is, tuhan itu ada. tuhan bagi pentunjuk dkt kitorg and bg blsn to u

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