Saturday, 27 April 2013

Weirdest Nightmare

Assalamualaikum semua
Holla holley
Anda sihat?
How was your day going?
My day went well
but my night isnt
malam td mcm ssh skit nk tidur

so yeah
i had the weirdest nightmare ever!
sbnrnya ni on 26 april,
i thought like nak update ah but mlm tadi baru teringat about the dream -.-
btw dream tu seriously tahap kebanggangnya tu dah over the bridge

wanna know what i dreamt of?
i mimpi Misha Omar. Like seriously?
why her? whyyyy?!?!?!? takde related pun with my life

The Story Begin Like This :
I was in the car, listening to my fav songs. Then suddenly I got a text from Farhan. The dream looks real and i dont know why I'm pretty excited about it. Lagipun sekarang kan kitorg tak bertegur. So mcm tetiba dia text and I pun macam yey cause the seperation thingy dah over. triple lol! When I opened my text, it wasn't from him. It was from Misha Omar. I pun dah lagi ah wtf ni???

So the dialog went like this :-

kak misha (km) : Hi, is this Ida? ni kak misha omar. can i have a talk with u for a moment?
me: yea.
km: Ida kat mana tu?
me: What do you want? I dkt putrajaya
km: Let's meet up? meet me at Taman Botani. kak misha dgn farhan ni.



I dah macam seriously what is really happening right now?

me: uh, kenapa kak misha dgn dia? and why nak jmpe?
km: I thought nak bagitahu you later but i think u dh ready for this. Farhan taknak text u cause he scared u mrh or sedih. Btw akak pun rasa guilty jga. Akak dah ada anak dgn dia. Maaf Ida.
Me: oh, mcm tu ke? ok

I almost cry but when i think it back, why misha omar? Ni surely a dream, stupid dream. Pilih org pun dia. Why not kim kardashian? Mantap sikit hahahahaha OMG!

Whatever it is. I met her but farhan run away with his son. I dah totally mindblown ahahahaha! seriously kelakar but still a nightmare


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