Monday, 22 April 2013

vacation in sarawak

holla holleeyy

actually lily dah sampai kl dah
haritu dapat update skit je
lagipun update kat iphone tak dapat nak arrange gambar

it's really tiring
kalau tak penat itu bukan berjalan namanya
but im exhausted til today haih
i wish i could take a day off but i cant cause my mum dah start pok pek
so i do not want to hear the rest of her nag
why not i pergi kerja
even though im so clumsy today
everyone were like "are you okay??"
uh im not, really

so the last day i tak dapat nak makan mee kolok
even though the taste lebih kureng cm mee kicap, maggi with soup?? ah cmtu ah
but idk why i want it MOOORRREEE

i went to Santubong

belakang gue is kalimantan
siapa berani jum berenang?
jum seludup jum jum?!

hahaha *jk

serious cam tak caya en we can see other country so near cmni
sebenarnya ada gambar lagi
you can check it out in

so yeah :)

the best part is in the plane actually
on the way to kuching and time balik pun
cause the scenery perghh
cuma orang dalam plane and tuhan je tahu

lawa tak lawa?
lawa lah pok :p
(ayat jha zmr)
well kat belakang tu i think area selangor. cause lily tanya kawan2 hujan tak smlm?
diorang kata hujan lebat
and we supposed landing at 7.20pm but delayed
cause hujan lebat kat sana
and thunder is everywhere
it's scared me when the pilot still heading to the heavy clouds
itu memang tak dapat snap
sbb they yall asked to switch off phones
time tu memang paling lawa scenery
if only i can draw it now, i will...

okay then that's it for now
chiao :*

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