Tuesday, 9 April 2013

strangers in workplace


"kum apa kumbet"

hah! kids' game :p

well hello there....

how are you?
it's morning here and yeah good morninnnngggg, bueno dias

"what's wrong with your blog's title? and who is that strangers?"

wanna know who?
it's the customers, the one who sends the car for a repair or a check up

I'm always being alone in the office cause the other clerk always goes in and out
and i keep wondering why is she the only one who doesn't need to write the reason and time she go out
she always think that she is the boss but hell no girl, you're not aha...rules are rules, you must not disobey it

whatever, i don't want to think about it cause this problem should be my dad, who's gonna settle it down
fyi, my dad is the boss company here but he always back up or being nice to her, oh please i will slay her down if i've been let to
so.. as i said when im alone, and that moment when the customer arrives, they will see me to find my dad or asking anything about their car
well hello. im new here, i aint know nothing about cars
like seriously,
they always scares me cause im not comfortable when talking to someone i don't know
whenever they ask me, i always be like "WHO ARE YOU?" "WHAT DO YOU WANT" "WHERE ARE YOU FROM" but i end up replying their questions... lol

I think I need to fit in to this kind of situation because when you start working, you'll always meet someone new. What I meant is you're not making a new friends, it's just you meet your customers today and forget them later. Unless you want to know them more and that it's up to you :)


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