Monday, 15 April 2013

outing with ze friends


Yesterday was the happiest day ever
I went out with le gang and they never told me first
It's weird because usually they'll ask me whether I'm busy or my mum lemme go out with em
BUT yesterday everything has changed
My mum were like don't even care that I'm going out without asking her permission


Then my friends and I went to my another friend's house
we hung out at jj equine
If I've not mistaken, that was the name
well jj is a mall
so yeah
but I prefer JJ in Klang, :)

but who cares,

so... we went to Teppanyanki
and ate there
I choose beef cause I love beef so yeah
it's tastes good :3
sooooooooooooooooooooooo good

well this isn't the best part,
after we wander JJ, we went back to my friend's house
btw, im sooooooooooooo jealous of my friends
cause they've got driving license
so do i but im only at L right now
haihhh gewwwammm

we lepaks at her house
watching telly
some watching vids
baking cakes

i wonder why suddenly they bake
after everything is done, i lied on the couch and watching telly
suddenly i heard they sing birthday song and i was like
sho suweit like candy

hahahah ttb

serious sweet do
dah la tepung cake kena muka
aummmm aummm
hahahahah -.-

btw thanks guys yall are the best
even if we fight, we end up to be together
i hope we still going to meet each other even if one of us getting married or stay faraway
i lebiu <3
thanks for being such a good friends


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