Tuesday, 2 April 2013


hello there,

Lately, I've been searching some examples of character to draw and I found this artist's website.
Sadly, I forgot his name but he has such an amazing drawing, illustration arts and sketches.
He sells his illustration picture to someone who order to make a book cover, poster, etc.
Too bad I can't post any of his masterpiece onto my blog because it's under copyright policy.

so yeah...

what attracted me is he drew a nymphs. different types of nymph and all of it are beautiful.
To those who doesn't know what's nymph is...
well,nymph in Greek mythology  is a minor female nature deity typically associated with a particular location or land form

there's 5 types of it if I've not mistaken.. there are :

water nymph

plant nymph

underworld nymph

celestial nymph
land nymph

the motif of open this topic well i don't believe all of this thing but it's really amused me
I'm not enthusiasm about the religions, the culture and tradition, believes or history
The thing is, artist who drew or illustrates this are genius.
They're sooooooooooooooo creative of making this Greek goddesses looks more attractive

I love surreal art
I love fantasy 
I love draw something that doesn't exist but I wish it does
I love imagining stuff
and I love who drew this kind of art

Every time I looked at something, I fantasize it but I'm not more to right brain. I'm still in both side?
Sometimes I think and feel that one day I want to do either a graphic novel or a novel
but both of it still surreal.

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