Monday, 15 April 2013

my dream guy


omg this cat is so cute
ohhhh myyy godd

when i look back at my blog's title,
uh well,
every girls does have their 'dream guy'
some call it "prince charming" or "type of guys"
but i call it

hha so yeah
I always wanted a guy who is cute, handsome or hot
tell me..

but not all handsome guys are loyal or nice

my type of guy
I do look at looks too but when I look at myself back
do i even deserve him?!?!
do i?
unless I like him and he likes me back well that's a different story

for me, that guy MUST be loyal to me, know how to treat girls nicely
not being rude to my parents, my family or my friends
know how to make me happy
know how to dress up well
oh you don't need to over-dressed

even if you dress like this
i still want you 

ohhh fudge ball this is so cute


oh my gooooooooooood
someone kill me pls

oh and also i doesnt like guy who have abs and stuff
i just dont like it
i dont know why
 the picture above omgg dah perfect weh
dah perfect


i cant stop putting cute guys
im sorrrryyyyyyy

well let's not talk about appearance
i want a guy who accept me not just because of my looks but also accept my flaws, my ugly side, my horrible attitude, my terrible face without make up, a guy who willing to see me when im in messy
i dont need a hot guys to love me
i just need a guy who is hot for me
i dont need my friends to compliment him
i own him so let me compliment
pergh own sia

the most important thing is he need to be so freaking nice, loyal, and honest to me
he cant be hot tempered or when he get mad, he insult me deeply
i'll reject him immediate
haha lol
i dont like a guy who asking for break up without any good reasons
it's stupid
he need to share every single thing with me and he must be a good listener
cause i hates when i have a problem, that guy doesn't even want to listen or
when i tell him, he'll reply "relax pls"
saaaaaaaaaaaaay whutttttttt????

oh oh and i want a smart guy
it doesnt mean i want a genius
so he can help me in my studies maybe? :3
and uh i want a guy who is open minded
some guys think they're matured but they cant think wisely enough
i dont like people who easily give up
when will you going to get it if you keep giving up?

i like guys who is gamer
i mean not as a playboy or a cheater
i love playing vid game, and i want someone i love to play with me

"i want a guy..
who can wrestle with me and let me win
who i can talk to about anything
who puts my cold hands in his warm hoodie pockets
who says i love you and means it,
who calls unexpectedly
who realizes that i say things but dont always mean them
who i can go swimming with on hot days
who can tell me his problems and let me help
who will tell me im beautiful
who is simply mine to hold"

mhmkay ciao :D

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