Thursday, 11 April 2013


Olla Hello Hi

This entry is getting excited cause I wanna share about one of my favorite hairstyle..
It's called "FISHTAIL BRAID"
There's a lot of braids but I'm in love with this fishtail typed
I watched the tutorial on youtube and it takes a little bit longer than the simple braid

and look at the pictures

Some peoples love to put on sideways or back ways.
And the last picture I putted above was a combined braid (waterfall braid + fishtail braid)
for me, it's hard to waterfall braid when you're alone
I always need help when doing braid unless an easy one

Hairstyles is actually based on people's creativity. Some love to dyed their hair brighter, so when they do a braid, you can see the pattern clearer.
For me, I have a dark hazelnut hair (I never dyed my hair, this is an original colour) so whenever I do a different kind of braid or bow hairstyles, people can't see the patterns and shapes.
And that's sucks unless I'm walking in bright room or sunny days so people can see my hair brighter


^ this one is gorgeous


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