Wednesday, 17 April 2013

from the bottom of my heart


hi and olla

everyone does have something to confess to someone that s/he like or hate
so do I
and I'm really2 want you to read this

Do you think that when you leave me, I'm going to just sit down and doing nothing?
Do you think that I'm gonna give up on you?
Or do you think that I'm gonna find another guy to replace you?
Do you think so?


I don't care where you're from or what you are from the past
I only ask for you stay. with me . dengan izin Allah. forever
This separation really made me want to know you more and more
wondering who are you

And the one who start liking is you
You're the one who start to like me so you shouldn't just give up and think that I'm young
yes i am young, younger than you, younger to love someone
but is it wrong to love you when you're the who makes me feel this way?

you said you were fat last time and if i saw one of those pictures, i'm sure don't like you
honey, you're wrong
i saw that picture and that doesn't made me hate you
it made me miss you even more

oh god can't you see it?

As one of my friends said :

"Lily, I'm feel like to go to gym but I'm not doing this for impress anyone. Because I wouldn't know if that girl like me only when my body is perfect. I want someone to like my both side. Old and presence"

If only you could feel how I felt about you

One more thing, yes im waiting for you and i know you will come back

thank you for make me happy last time but this ain't over yet

take care

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