Tuesday, 2 April 2013

First day of driving


hello, nama saya lily dan saya mahu menceritakan tentang hari pertama saya memandu
Amboi skema bebenor eh?


well it was a scariest thing to do
ylh, first time memandu. on the road pulak tu
before this drive pun in the game en, haaa mana nak sama dengan reality

dah lah i hate manual and i know nothing about it
so i waited for Chong Fat (the guy who teaches me to drive)
he's the one who fetched me
and i thought im gonna learn in drive school
so i was like playing with my phone and chatting with someone *wink* *wink*

and suddenly he stopped
crazy bellend, i thought his car was like hang or what
suddenly he looked at me and asked me to look at his hand--he was holding the gear
and hell yeah at that moment he was like suddenly teach me about how to use the gear and clutch
im freaking hating the clutch....like seriously
its very mafan

so after that he went to the parking lot which every year that place is conquer by the muslims for bazaar Ramadan
he teached me again about the same thing and asked me to changed place with him
i was like NOOOOOOOO!!!!
im not ready for this...

hah and after a while, we went up the hulu langat's hill and wander around
suddenly BOOM, i saw a lorry which carried logs and it been hit by a car
Chong Fat was so excited telling me about the incident
he told me the car driver might be dead and what i saw is there's so many trash and red blood. i guess it's blood
but im hoping the car driver is fine....

im driving for 2 hours, and im sleepy at that time....
my legs are freaking cramp
i wonder how other people looks so fine after driving for more than 3 hours


okay then... thats it for now


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