Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Farhan :*


hi hello olla

who is Farhan?

who is he?

well he is the Mr X who post two blogs in here

i don't know what happen to us but he's my friend now

so yeah

i do regret like seriously
I'm regretting not to know him sooner
treating him like a stranger even he is when we first known each other

we never met
and i know him from blackberry messenger 
i don't know who add who
so yea

whatever it is
even we had a "thing" last time,
even you said that you need a time to be alone or wtv
I'm here, i will wait for you
like you did wait for my answer which i ended saying i love you instead saying i do?

I think all of this was a mistakes
he want something else to happen -- i think

I regret of treating you so differently yesterday
you can't blame me when i'm having pms
i hate when im having that and my moods all mixed up and all i want is to be alone
but i cant be alone, cause for how long it takes, i still needing you

some of my friends said i'm crazy
some of my friends said be patience
some of my friends said leave him

and i said NO
i wont leave him
i will follow what my mum told me

"take time slowly, know each other better, if you're ready to meet him with your parents, tell me"

and so does he,
he asking to give him some time
but im still scared whether he will going to contact me later
whether he keep his promises
i feel that he different than others guy i met

Allah is always there
always on my side, his side, everyone side
i just need to keep praying
open his heart and let the time he need is short

bak kata orang melayu
jodoh ditangan tuhan
tapi kita boleh elak jika jodoh kita lesbian ke gay ke perompak ke meninggal ke

so yeah we can avoid that
but im scared no matter what

i try to trust him
as i said i wont leave him even there's a thousand hot guys out there

im tired of breaking up or dating with different guys
i dont care if he's not perfect, he perfect to me
he made me do something i never did before
i mean not a bad thing for sure,

like telling my mum that i like someone, saying i love you first, give him a flying kiss on skype

that's what i meant

so yeah.

"Dear Farhan, 

I hope you read this, I will wait for you, for how long it takes, i'll give u the time, but if you're playing or toying my heart, well that's it
whatever it is i will wait for you :)

sincerely, baby panda"

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