Wednesday, 17 April 2013



fun - why am i the one

Assalamualaikum and ollo :p

lagu ni takde kena mengena pun
i just love this song haaa

well somehow i feel like im a domino
oh you know domino

you know why i felt that way?
because some people like to try to get me and leave me alone
like domino,
it's takes time to arrange it 
some takes an hour some takes half of a year
but it takes a few seconds to destroy it

hell yeah after i broke up with last ex,
it's takes time for me to start loving someone
but when i does, i thinking im hurting my own self

i feel that im not a good person to 'you'
sometimes i tell to myself
how can i take care of a relationship even i cant take care of my phone
hah yeah
my phone dah hancur dah weh
dont think that i threw it
bukan gitu
i mean casing dia dh teruk
asyik jatuh je kan

paramore - ain't it good

gosh you should listen to this
hahaa someone reckon to me
somehow i like the NEW paramore
so yeah :3

okay then for now

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