Friday, 5 April 2013

deyyy pigi manaa deyyy

Assalamualaikum and ollo.
haha lol
lain je font ni. :p

hello we meet again.
this is not lily.
this is mr x and this is my second post.
hai lily *wink wink

aritu ada tertengok mtv.
i dont usually watch mtv unless im in the mood because im so so into movies and if i turn on my tv,the first thing i'll check is movies channel. :d

and aritu tertengok kardashian eh?sebab episod was they go on vacation in Mauritus maybe?bora bora.
this is bora bora.

denggg. gilaa ahh.heaven on earth.
looking at this kind of place im dead sure that i'll never step my feet on it.
nak pegi ke lobby naik bot. sebab lobby tu mcm kat area pantai and ni mcm sea chalet kot.
where bile bule pintu bilik tido and the view is ocean.

harga utk stay sini smpai tuaaa laaa xdapekkk.
maybee puluh puluh k's yang kene spend.
keep dreaming,haha

me suke je tgk gambar tempat yang cantik.which is secluded or maybe good for mind soothing.
my mind doesnt need any soothing ,believe me but for me
its good to spend time in this such places.

eh font lain?haha
heaven on earth.

this is the one,but im nt ready yet, :(

if im a "jumper", dah merata i'll 'jump' to every place that i wanna be.i'll take u with me ida. haha
this all for now folks. 

jumpa ayat ni on a magazine.

" im not smart but i like to observe.think about this, millions saw the apple fall,but Newton was the one who asked why."


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