Monday, 8 April 2013

cute cats make me happy


olla, Buenos Dias
it's still morning here
even though it's 35 more minutes to noon

so today i dont have much work to do and i was looking at several pictures of cat
haha yeah CATS

i love cats, cause cats can be so cute and annoying sometimes
but im more into kittens

oh oh look at this pics!

adorable, animal, animals, baby animal, cat, cats

^ oh my gerrrwwwwwwdddd this one made me laugh so hard

comel + funny
cute + kelakar

hahaa both of this, mean the same and idk what's the motif of making that


i think i should stop looking at all the cute pics of cat 

like they say, cats usually makes cute eyes while the dogs make cute puppy faces
i wish i can pet all the cats i found
too bad i cant

i feel pity for some people who really love cats but they've got allergies when touching it. they cant even get near to it cause they'll sneeze or having rashes on their body
and i keep wondering why some people hates cat so much until they willing to abuse it
i dont mind if that person scared of cat and they either run away or make that cat run away from them

i seriously anti with those people who kill animals on purpose and they think it's fun but they don't know how much pain its bear

so if you guys saw someone abusing animals, please report it to the police right away or you can try save them by fighting with the person hahahahaha!

BE A HERO, not be a chicken


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