Friday, 26 April 2013

checklist? oh my

heyyy people

well guess what
it's been two days i havent got anything to do in office
so.. i made a checklist
a list that i wanna do with my "boyfriend" when we're in relationship
too bad i dont have a boyfriend at the moment
but i always wish that i could turn back time
and i really really want to talk to you like we always used to

what passed is past

and i hope that one day
one fine, magical day gonna happen and you're gonna show up
you gonna contact me back
and the first thing i wish you gonna call me ask me for meet up
i do not want texting or any chats
i want to see you for reals
but if you have a bad news saying you have someone else or you're going to marry someone else
better just text me
even if it hurts, i wanna know how are you and your life
i miss you, and every single day i try so hard to pray that one day you might come back
even if my friends asking me to move on
and i know, you know, there's a lot of guys wanted to be with me
wanted to replace you
wanted to make me happy like you did
I do not want them, or him, i want you
i really am
i know it's sound crazy but hey i never felt this way before
i never love someone like this before even the first guy i crush on

if that day you're going to contact me
i hope it's gonna be a great news
i hope that we could start over
the longest time i waited for a guy is 5 months and now we still aren't together
i'm scared if this gonna happen  to us too
i dont want that to be happening

i wish i have you now, and forever so we can do whatever we dreamt of
i dont know what's your dreams but i do have mine
i made a checklist
and the things i wanna do with my love ones

  1. hold hands
  2. watch the sunset or sunrise together
  3. whispers to each other
  4. cook for each other (even if it's not delicious)
  5. walk in the rain
  6. buy small gifts for each other
  7. play dress up :p you could be the prince i could be the princess lol
  8. make a video of us
  9. boyfriend do the girlfriend's make up
  10. play the longest stare
  11. put love notes in your pocket when you aren't noticing
  12. sing to each other (even if im not good in singing but you still wanna hear my ugly voice)
  13. dance together
  14. tell about our dreams
  15. pray together (you become the imam)
  16. hang out with our friends
  17. describe about each other
  18. fall asleep on your shoulder on the long journey
  19. go to the fun fair and dress up like 80s 90s
  20. always tell you about my problem and always hear about your problem and try to let me help
  21. call every night before sleep
  22. appreciate and remember the good times and forgive and forget the bad
  23. go for picnic together
  24. telling i love you and mean it
  25. not to shout or insult you even if you do something so bad instead of sit down and discuss
  26. talk in british accent or any foreign language
  27. play 20 questions or more until our conversation dies
  28. meet your family
  29. doodle on hand or face when you're sleeping
  30. do the funny faces when taking pictures
  31. go to a restaurant and convince the cook to create something completely new for us
  32. go to a ghost house
  33. make a cute craft presents on each time of your birthday
  34. make a surprise
  35. go for ice skating or skateboarding together
  36. traveling together
  37. etc
most important things is
marry you and be together forever

that's the last wishes
even if i dont get you, i hope there's someone for me
even though im thinking about you right now
so yeah

if 'you' read this, please comment it below :(

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