Sunday, 31 March 2013

what have i done?

hello :)

im working now and like seriously i have lots of work to do but i dont feel like to do it cause i have no mood to do it so yeah but yeah..

so..while im typing this entry, im listening to ONE DIRECTION - ONE WAY OR ANOTHER
such a great songs and harry looks so cute
so do Niall

hah! done with all the directioners stuff

im feeling so down today
and only me who can see my own frown face
so yeah

i keep pretending like im so happy but inside i dont
so..last night was horrible night that happen to me

i cried, yeah do laugh
my ex just itext me and keep saying stuff
and fudge cake, my tears immediately drool down on my cheeks
so yeah

i dont know what to say.
and at that moment, i dont feel like talking to anyone
im being quite rude to 'MR X'
and yeah he didnt reply my bbm chat or my text
he did not even wish me in the morning like he always did

mhmmm, i feel so bad
terrible insanely bad
and i just want to apologize to anyone that im being rude with
hm yh..

im sorry

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