Wednesday, 20 March 2013

oh my gerd

olla olli bloggenista?!?!?!?!?

well i just got back from school
and hell yeah i did well for my spm,
i pass everything and thats what i expected
i dont want to get 9A+ like i wish for but i dont think i will get it and heck yeah i dont -.-

teachers said that i can get any course i wanted to so thats the good news
the bad news is i dont make my parents proud of me like i did to myself
i wish i had a parents like me lol jk
so.. after this i guess im taking business studies
and maybe i'll apply to taylor's lakeside

i really cant believe i got C for bahasa melayu
well my dad's workers did laughed at me cause im a malay and i need to be pro at it
too bad im not pure malay and im not pro at it
yeah wtv

im bored right now, cant believe to myself i said NO to one of my classmates's invitation
lol dia nak belanja kita makan tapi he wants to bring me to pavillion hah!
on office hours nak bawak kita jalan2... haha ayah pun tak bagi~
wuuuu ceydih titewww

i really2 want to go out and hang out but i guess kl will be so cramped by people
especially '95's students batch

so now im in office and i dont have anything to do except texting and blogging
how cool is my work is

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