Tuesday, 12 March 2013


woopydoopy there!

last saturday i was late for work and i dont have any transport to go
addition, my dad are too busy to send me to the office so yh

worst thing happen when i woke up pretty late and i have a meet up with my friends in two more hours.
it was the craziest shit that happen to me.
i was rushing for everything

so i told my mum to send me to the mall but im feeling quite pity cuz i dont want to leave her alone with my brother
and so she followed to my 'meet up'

i was blank to think where to go so me and izzaty went to wangsa walk where is placed near to her house

that day was the happiest day ever

i miss her a lots but i forgot to bring my sketching that i wanted to give her
and thats the main reason we want to meet up hah

wish i can post the photos here but the pics all inside my phone and i didnt upload it on this laptop cuz this isnt my laptop so yh. check it out on my instagram though