Tuesday, 12 March 2013

fashionista baby

woopydoopy there!

i just finished my work so i have a free time now

well what should i do other than blogging? :O

SO, today im gonna show and tell what style i love and want to put on me

nowadays people love hipster so they hipsterize themselves -- wait, isnt that a word?

she's gorgeous. she's skinny. her tattoos look so beautiful, too bad i cant have
her outfit are superb, and i want that. her hair is cute



this heel are too mainstream but still on trend. beautiful girls with beautiful outfit makes them more beautiful and others will like "ohh she so perfect" "oh i wanna be like her" "i hate her"


but whenever i look at this kind of heel, i will like omg gimme gimme

this book really suits with someone who dress up like hipster.
it's looks old but unique and very vintage style


hipster people love to have this kind of photograph cause it will make more vintage style and it's really beautiful..
but REMEMBER, even if you edit perfectly but your style isnt cool enough, thats doesnt make your picture look awesome..

and these are the other examples of hipster style photograph

hope you'll like this post


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