Tuesday, 19 March 2013



olla olle cikebum cikebum

sampai begitu sekali~

whenever i looked at couples, i'll react the same way as ZOOEY DESCHANEL

it's not that i hate couples. im happy for them, really
even if i saw my ex dating...im happy for him

being taken can make someone feels so happy and they feel like they're on top of the world floating happily
hok aloh, teruk betul happynye

and i dont really like to see other couples being so sweet together because it made me jealous and yeah
ahahahahhaa maybe i need a boyfriend right now or maybe i dont?

what for you need a boyfriend when you know you're going to break up with him?
what for you need a boyfriend when you know he will cheat on you?
what for you need a boyfriend if you both keep arguing?
what for you need a boyfriend just to make love with him and dump him?
what for you need a boyfriend just because you're friend is teasing you?
what for you paying someone to be your short term boyfriend?
this all above is bullshit
you dont need a boyfriend when you know he is a dumbass

dont date a guy if he asked you for make love with him in a first place..
he will dump you

i hate guys who doesnt kept their promises
most of the girls hate that :)

it's been more than one year i've been single so i think the best way is to keep friendship growing rather than keep being in relationship but end up hurting

hah yeah. even if i liked someone, i want to be his bestfriend cause bestfriend is much sweeter than boyfriend (in my opinion). bestfriend can be the best thing ever that happen in friendship, it keep us stronger and longer being together. plus, we can share most of our thing in life together


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