Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cara Delevingne

hello bloggers

first thing first... how was your day?
well it's morning here and umm my day has just started and im hoping today is better than yesterday even though i just had a horrible morning
okayyy.... dont want to story about that thing

let's go on to the topic of the day
i wanna talk about CARA DELEVINGNE

to those who do not know who is she..
well, she is a young model and she loves to do her eyebrow
im so jealous of her (well im not the only one who is jealous of her beautiful-ness)
im jealous of her skinny body, eyebrow, weird faces and her hair (and much more actually)
she even sings well, ugh

i watched this one video of someone doing tutorial about how to eyebrow like CARA, well i heard she said "the more i hate her, the more i wanna look at her" lol, but it's true

oh my gerrrrrrrrddd
wish i looked like her. wait... what did i just typed? --"
ignoreeee it~

i dont get it...
she's so suit when she does all the crazy faces...
some models cant do this kind of faces cause it will ruin their pretty-ness. well not for this pretty girl (:

well that's it for now
hope yall enjoy this entry :p
thanks for visiting

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