Friday, 8 March 2013

bored omg

this is the latest sketches by me

im so bored...too bored to do anything
i done this because one of my mates asked me to

and heyy you can check it out more on my instagram or fb
there's a link in another page so yh go click it!

i keep talking to myself though and i hope this cctv behind me doesnt record any sound so i wont be embarrassing myself

is not that im crazy or what. it's just heyyyy everyone do talk to themselves, either inside or outside their mind wtv.

whenever i talk to myself, sometimes i think i wanted to do a video
too bad im not used to it so i get scared and shy sometimes

and it's embarrassing too if i become a vlogger but nobody seems to watch it so yeah


working is fun to me, even though i hate to sit down for too long
i dont like sitting for too long. it's hurting ma bodeehhhh

i love walking around, disturbing other people
that is me

even when im in school i dont like sitting though...
i keep going out from my class and wandering around
heyyy that's doesnt mean im skipping classes.

hell no

im a good kid  *cough**cough*

or am i not?

errrrk wtv

so.... im using my colleague's laptop cuz it's infront of me and im too lazy to get up and take my dad's laptop and wait for it to switch on~

it's just wasting my precious time....

fyi, i feel like jumping around, and screaming cuz im bored..
it's seem fun to look other people have a lot of work and friends to talk to


it's really stupid. cuz i told someone that im bored and he said okay and ignored me
i was like....err sir?talk me pls

i cant wait for tomorrow. i really2 cant wait for it cuz im going out for lunch with my bestfriend
and it's gonna be so much fun, i really hope so!

:) never seen her like for more than a year. i miss her so much omgggggggg

i think that's it for now


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