Sunday, 31 March 2013


oh hi

people are like wondering what the heck am i doing
cause i didnt do any of my works and my desk are freaking messy
macam tmpt kucing beranak
bersepah gile
then i keep walk here and there
talking nonsense, do crappy things, thinks weirdly
i dont think im okay today

sedih gila do
i feel so bad and everyone are like staying away from me
well actually they're not but my mentality thinks that way

i keep going to the toilet cause that's the place i feel ssssooooo private
i keep playing with the tissue roll while my tears are racing downward
firetruck with fudge cake on top of it
(to those who doesnt understand, please dont. it's a rude word)

uhm yeah
i just ate zinger cheese burger
weh sedap weh
korang kena try ahahah
but i dont finish it cause....besaq sangaq
hahaha wempits


and worst thing ever
i just woke up, i didnt realize that im sleeping on the couch
i hope there's no customers saw me having a beauty sleep

chiao for now

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