Sunday, 31 March 2013


oh hi

people are like wondering what the heck am i doing
cause i didnt do any of my works and my desk are freaking messy
macam tmpt kucing beranak
bersepah gile
then i keep walk here and there
talking nonsense, do crappy things, thinks weirdly
i dont think im okay today

sedih gila do
i feel so bad and everyone are like staying away from me
well actually they're not but my mentality thinks that way

i keep going to the toilet cause that's the place i feel ssssooooo private
i keep playing with the tissue roll while my tears are racing downward
firetruck with fudge cake on top of it
(to those who doesnt understand, please dont. it's a rude word)

uhm yeah
i just ate zinger cheese burger
weh sedap weh
korang kena try ahahah
but i dont finish it cause....besaq sangaq
hahaha wempits


and worst thing ever
i just woke up, i didnt realize that im sleeping on the couch
i hope there's no customers saw me having a beauty sleep

chiao for now

what have i done?

hello :)

im working now and like seriously i have lots of work to do but i dont feel like to do it cause i have no mood to do it so yeah but yeah..

so..while im typing this entry, im listening to ONE DIRECTION - ONE WAY OR ANOTHER
such a great songs and harry looks so cute
so do Niall

hah! done with all the directioners stuff

im feeling so down today
and only me who can see my own frown face
so yeah

i keep pretending like im so happy but inside i dont
so..last night was horrible night that happen to me

i cried, yeah do laugh
my ex just itext me and keep saying stuff
and fudge cake, my tears immediately drool down on my cheeks
so yeah

i dont know what to say.
and at that moment, i dont feel like talking to anyone
im being quite rude to 'MR X'
and yeah he didnt reply my bbm chat or my text
he did not even wish me in the morning like he always did

mhmmm, i feel so bad
terrible insanely bad
and i just want to apologize to anyone that im being rude with
hm yh..

im sorry

Friday, 29 March 2013

lily aween

Hollo guys. Yarribbaa yaribaaa.
My name is X. and this is my first post on this blog :p

I'll start my first post with this song which i dedicated it to this beautiful girl.
Thankyou for being you. :)

macam simple plak post ni.
hari ni busy skit but im thinking of posting this song as my first post.
just an introduction.
can meh? 
can aaa.
the second one will be better tho.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

beautiful art

Of monsters and men - King And Lionheart

hello beasters

hah tiru moto Becky G

this video that i put above are my favorite music video for this year
i love the lyrics and the music video
even though i dont really get the video and the music
but i enjoyed it

this photograph i took from :
they posted so many beautiful art
and i do love every picture they posted
really2 impressed
well im not sure whether they reblogged it or they owns this
whatever it is, i hope i can draw this
even though it's edit, i guess?

these drawings/photograph also took from the tumblr above
and these kind of art really amused me

most of the animals that exist
i do love foxes and cats
i wish i can pet foxes <3
i wish i can hold it right now :p

okay then that's all for now

oh my gerd

olla olli bloggenista?!?!?!?!?

well i just got back from school
and hell yeah i did well for my spm,
i pass everything and thats what i expected
i dont want to get 9A+ like i wish for but i dont think i will get it and heck yeah i dont -.-

teachers said that i can get any course i wanted to so thats the good news
the bad news is i dont make my parents proud of me like i did to myself
i wish i had a parents like me lol jk
so.. after this i guess im taking business studies
and maybe i'll apply to taylor's lakeside

i really cant believe i got C for bahasa melayu
well my dad's workers did laughed at me cause im a malay and i need to be pro at it
too bad im not pure malay and im not pro at it
yeah wtv

im bored right now, cant believe to myself i said NO to one of my classmates's invitation
lol dia nak belanja kita makan tapi he wants to bring me to pavillion hah!
on office hours nak bawak kita jalan2... haha ayah pun tak bagi~
wuuuu ceydih titewww

i really2 want to go out and hang out but i guess kl will be so cramped by people
especially '95's students batch

so now im in office and i dont have anything to do except texting and blogging
how cool is my work is

NOW PLAYING:  Bubbly By Colbie Caillat


Tuesday, 19 March 2013



olla olle cikebum cikebum

sampai begitu sekali~

whenever i looked at couples, i'll react the same way as ZOOEY DESCHANEL

it's not that i hate couples. im happy for them, really
even if i saw my ex happy for him

being taken can make someone feels so happy and they feel like they're on top of the world floating happily
hok aloh, teruk betul happynye

and i dont really like to see other couples being so sweet together because it made me jealous and yeah
ahahahahhaa maybe i need a boyfriend right now or maybe i dont?

what for you need a boyfriend when you know you're going to break up with him?
what for you need a boyfriend when you know he will cheat on you?
what for you need a boyfriend if you both keep arguing?
what for you need a boyfriend just to make love with him and dump him?
what for you need a boyfriend just because you're friend is teasing you?
what for you paying someone to be your short term boyfriend?
this all above is bullshit
you dont need a boyfriend when you know he is a dumbass

dont date a guy if he asked you for make love with him in a first place..
he will dump you

i hate guys who doesnt kept their promises
most of the girls hate that :)

it's been more than one year i've been single so i think the best way is to keep friendship growing rather than keep being in relationship but end up hurting

hah yeah. even if i liked someone, i want to be his bestfriend cause bestfriend is much sweeter than boyfriend (in my opinion). bestfriend can be the best thing ever that happen in friendship, it keep us stronger and longer being together. plus, we can share most of our thing in life together


Cara Delevingne

hello bloggers

first thing first... how was your day?
well it's morning here and umm my day has just started and im hoping today is better than yesterday even though i just had a horrible morning
okayyy.... dont want to story about that thing

let's go on to the topic of the day
i wanna talk about CARA DELEVINGNE

to those who do not know who is she..
well, she is a young model and she loves to do her eyebrow
im so jealous of her (well im not the only one who is jealous of her beautiful-ness)
im jealous of her skinny body, eyebrow, weird faces and her hair (and much more actually)
she even sings well, ugh

i watched this one video of someone doing tutorial about how to eyebrow like CARA, well i heard she said "the more i hate her, the more i wanna look at her" lol, but it's true

oh my gerrrrrrrrddd
wish i looked like her. wait... what did i just typed? --"
ignoreeee it~

i dont get it...
she's so suit when she does all the crazy faces...
some models cant do this kind of faces cause it will ruin their pretty-ness. well not for this pretty girl (:

well that's it for now
hope yall enjoy this entry :p
thanks for visiting

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

fashionista baby

woopydoopy there!

i just finished my work so i have a free time now

well what should i do other than blogging? :O

SO, today im gonna show and tell what style i love and want to put on me

nowadays people love hipster so they hipsterize themselves -- wait, isnt that a word?

she's gorgeous. she's skinny. her tattoos look so beautiful, too bad i cant have
her outfit are superb, and i want that. her hair is cute



this heel are too mainstream but still on trend. beautiful girls with beautiful outfit makes them more beautiful and others will like "ohh she so perfect" "oh i wanna be like her" "i hate her"


but whenever i look at this kind of heel, i will like omg gimme gimme

this book really suits with someone who dress up like hipster.
it's looks old but unique and very vintage style


hipster people love to have this kind of photograph cause it will make more vintage style and it's really beautiful..
but REMEMBER, even if you edit perfectly but your style isnt cool enough, thats doesnt make your picture look awesome..

and these are the other examples of hipster style photograph

hope you'll like this post



woopydoopy there!

last saturday i was late for work and i dont have any transport to go
addition, my dad are too busy to send me to the office so yh

worst thing happen when i woke up pretty late and i have a meet up with my friends in two more hours.
it was the craziest shit that happen to me.
i was rushing for everything

so i told my mum to send me to the mall but im feeling quite pity cuz i dont want to leave her alone with my brother
and so she followed to my 'meet up'

i was blank to think where to go so me and izzaty went to wangsa walk where is placed near to her house

that day was the happiest day ever

i miss her a lots but i forgot to bring my sketching that i wanted to give her
and thats the main reason we want to meet up hah

wish i can post the photos here but the pics all inside my phone and i didnt upload it on this laptop cuz this isnt my laptop so yh. check it out on my instagram though


Friday, 8 March 2013

bored omg

this is the latest sketches by me

im so bored...too bored to do anything
i done this because one of my mates asked me to

and heyy you can check it out more on my instagram or fb
there's a link in another page so yh go click it!

i keep talking to myself though and i hope this cctv behind me doesnt record any sound so i wont be embarrassing myself

is not that im crazy or what. it's just heyyyy everyone do talk to themselves, either inside or outside their mind wtv.

whenever i talk to myself, sometimes i think i wanted to do a video
too bad im not used to it so i get scared and shy sometimes

and it's embarrassing too if i become a vlogger but nobody seems to watch it so yeah


working is fun to me, even though i hate to sit down for too long
i dont like sitting for too long. it's hurting ma bodeehhhh

i love walking around, disturbing other people
that is me

even when im in school i dont like sitting though...
i keep going out from my class and wandering around
heyyy that's doesnt mean im skipping classes.

hell no

im a good kid  *cough**cough*

or am i not?

errrrk wtv

so.... im using my colleague's laptop cuz it's infront of me and im too lazy to get up and take my dad's laptop and wait for it to switch on~

it's just wasting my precious time....

fyi, i feel like jumping around, and screaming cuz im bored..
it's seem fun to look other people have a lot of work and friends to talk to


it's really stupid. cuz i told someone that im bored and he said okay and ignored me
i was like....err sir?talk me pls

i cant wait for tomorrow. i really2 cant wait for it cuz im going out for lunch with my bestfriend
and it's gonna be so much fun, i really hope so!

:) never seen her like for more than a year. i miss her so much omgggggggg

i think that's it for now