Sunday, 17 February 2013


olla bloga.

This blog is supposed to post on last month but unfortunately something happen to my brother so I didn't have a chance to blog yeah

29/01/2013 is the memorable moment. WONDERING WHYYYYY? It is because it is the first time I meet again my crazy schoolmates. I MISS THEM SO MUCH AND i miss high school too.

On the morning. we were planned to go and play badminton at the nearest area. It's been awhile I haven't play it. I'm not the type of person who like sport -- except car racing. This is not mean that I'm a lazy slacker. Well, I do love wandering... SERIOUSLY, ILOVETRAVELLING, neither with my lovely families or my crazy chaps.

oh my gerrrrrrrd.

At the mean time, we are doing surprised birthday for one of my friends by throwing a bag of flour.It's was the best thing to do, you should try it too though. Some people mixed it with several ingredients. Eg: eggs. We never had a chance to make the surprise on her birthday so we planned to do it after...We're the good friend, don't we?

Black forest cake by Secret Recipe

The cake was so brill. But it's not my favorite though, I prefer chocolate indulgences, since I love chocolate so much <3

OH MY GODDDDD, I can't wait for my upcoming birthday. Can't wait for the presents, cakes, EVERYTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGG

ok, lil. you should stop that :3

whatever it is, that day was the best day ever. i hope you guys have it too


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